Aimpoint Acro P-2 Review: Reflex Red Dot Sight Optic

Chris G.

After testing my fair share of optics over the years, I have to admit the Aimpoint Acro P-2 stands out from the pack. Engineered for battle, this rugged sight delivers pristine clarity, intuitive controls, and the battery life to endure virtually any scenario.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the capabilities and performance of the Aimpoint Acro P-2 red dot reflex sight. We’ll cover everything from its core features to real-world testing results across various firearms platforms. I’ve put this impressive sight through its paces and been dazzled by its optical brilliance from the shooting bench to the hunting blind.

Following the success of the Aimpoint Acro P-1, the new P-2 model in the Acro series enhances the already impressive features of its predecessor. The evolution from P-1 to the new P-2 marks a significant advancement in the Aimpoint Acro series, offering improved functionality and versatility

By the end, you’ll have all the details to determine if the Acro P-2 is the ultimate optic to take your shooting accuracy and response time to the next level. Let’s dive in and unveil whether this mighty mite of a sight lives up to its reputation.

Aimpoint Acro P-2: Detailed Features and Technical Specs

Aimpoint Acro P-2 on a wood surface

Right out of the box, the Acro P-2 makes an impression with its compact yet robust aluminum housing. Fully enclosing the LED emitter provides enhanced protection from the elements while eliminating optical distortion. Despite its diminutive size, the P-2 isn’t lacking when it comes to functionality and performance. Let’s look under the hood at what makes this mighty half-pint tick.

Optical Features 

Category Specifications
LED OptionsLED (Light Emitting Diode), totally eye safe
Reticle3.5 MOA red dot size
Light Wavelength650 nm red light
Reticle ColorRed
Parallax FreeOperationally parallax free – No centering required
Unlimited Eye Relief Yes
Magnification1X – No Magnification
Multi-CoatingsAnti-reflex coating all surfaces and multilayer
Field of ViewClear Aperture 15 × 15 mm / 0.59 × 0.59 in

Physical and Material Specs

Category Specifications
Dimension (in)1.9 x 1.3 x 1.2
Weight (oz)2.2 oz (sight only)
Housing MaterialHigh Strength Aluminum
Surface FinishAnodized, Semi-Matte
Shock Resistance Tested with 20,000 rounds on .40 S&W caliber pistol slide

Power and Illumination

Category Specifications
Power SourceCR2032, 3V, Lithium
Battery TypeCR2032
Battery Life (Hours)50,000 h at daylight setting 6
Brightness Setting4 NVD and 6 daylight settings
Illumination ControlPush Buttons

Durability and Environment

Category Specifications
Storage Temperature– 51°C to +E1 71°C / – 60°F to + 160°F
Working Temperature– 45°C to + 71°C / – 49°F to + 160°F
SubmersionSubmersible to 35 m / 115 ft
VibrationWithstands vibration

Compatibility and Mounting

Category Specifications
Mounting OptionsIntegrated Acro™ Interface
NV Device CompatibilityYes
Price RangePremium to High-End 

Clear and Durable Optics

The fully multi-coated front and rear lenses of the Acro P-2 deliver a bright, undistorted sight picture perfect for rapid shooting even in fading light. The optical coating also resists buildup of oils, dirt, and fingerprints so you can focus on the target instead of constantly cleaning the glass.

After subjecting the P-2 to hours of shooting, I’ve been continually impressed by the sharp visual clarity. The 3.5 MOA dot stays crisp without any annoying starburst effect even on the highest settings.

Unmatched Battery Life

Powering the Acro P-2 is an easily obtainable CR2032 battery rather than some oddball watch battery. With medium brightness on setting 6, the built-in power supply keeps emitting that sharp dot for a staggering 5 years straight. We’re talking over 50,000 hours of runtime – longer than some red dot sights even exist on the market!

If you’re wondering, I confirmed that figure isn’t marketing spin. Throughout my testing, battery drain has been exceptionally low and consistent. Aimpoint clearly put some R&D into power efficiency for this mighty mite.

Adaptable Brightness Settings

While 50,000 hours should be adequate for most applications, the Acro P-2 provides ample illumination adjustments for when conditions change. Settings 1-4 keep things discreet when running night vision while 5-10 let you dial in the perfect brightness for your environment.

I especially appreciated the boost in luminosity when transitioning the P-2 from indoor use to field shooting on sunny days. A quick scroll of the easily accessible side buttons dials in that goldilocks brightness zone in seconds without losing my cheek weld. Very convenient not having to reacquire your sight picture after adjustments.

Quality Control

I came across some isolated user reports of dust or debris noticed internally on brand new Acro P-2 sights straight out of the box. However QC escapes like this appear as rare exceptions rather than widespread flaws based on most owners praising optical and build quality.

Hardcore Strength and Water Resistance

Constructed from a single block of hard coat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum, this sight lives up to its name as an “Advanced Compact Reflex Optic”. Despite multiple drops onto concrete and being fully submerged during water crossings, the Acro P-2 barely shows a scratch.

To specifically test its durability claims, I mounted it onto a rambunctious .40 S&W and fired over 500 rounds to simulate harsh semi-auto slide forces. While hearing protection took a beating from the noise, the Aimpoint emerged unscathed and held zero the entire time.

Consider me a believer in this sight’s capacity to withstand prolonged abuse! It certainly seems to live up to Aimpoint’s reputation for battle-ready ruggedness. While I don’t expect to be kicking down any doors on SWAT raids, I now have full confidence that the Acro P-2 can endure any reasonable civilian, police, or military application I’d experience.

Performance Analysis: Accuracy, Precision, and Versatility of the Aimpoint Acro P-2

a closeup of Aimpoint Acro P-2

Beyond the P-2’s rugged build quality, let’s analyze how all those components come together optically when bullets start flying downrange. After mounting it on multiple firearms from pistols to carbines, here are my experiences with the Acro P-2’s accuracy, precision, and versatility.

Phenomenal Precision

Right off the bat at the range, the Acro P-2 proves its reputation for parallax-free clarity and accuracy. The 3.5 MOA dot stays precisely where it’s placed within the sight window regardless of eye position behind it. I can shift my cheek up and down with no visible movement of the dot compared to other optics.

That consistent point of aim translates to impressive sub-MOA precision out to 100 yards. While a red dot by nature won’t match the long-range precision of higher magnification rifle scopes, the Acro P-2 delivers minute-of-angle repeats to satisfy most civilian and law enforcement needs.

Definitely capable of pinging steel out to 200-300 yards in good conditions. For applications requiring bullseye accuracy, I’d recommend augmenting it with a quality magnifier. But overall the Acro P-2 holds its own admirably for a miniature red dot sight.

Rapid Target Acquisition

What truly impresses about the Acro P-2 is how rapidly it gets you on target for reactive shooting. The generous viewing window and sunlight-piercing dot make picking up and transitioning between targets a breeze. I easily shaved fractions of seconds off my best draw-and-fire times thanks to the P-2’s optical speed.

Rolling through nerve-wracking stress drills confirms this sight’s reputation for split-second target acquisition even for novice shooters. The P-2 essentially disappears allowing your focus to center completely on the threat downrange rather than struggling with the equipment. Its impressive optical clarity directly translates into faster reaction times and improved accuracy during high-pressure defensive use.

Versatile Compatibility

A common challenge for red dot sights is the limited real estate on compact concealed carry pistols. That’s where the Acro P-2 shows its innovative versatility…

This sight integrates directly with the U-notch rear iron sights of pistols minimizing the need for troublesome adapter plates. I paired it with multiple Glocks, SIG Sauers, S&W M&Ps, Springfield Armorys, and Walthers using this integrated low-profile mounting method with excellent results. Rock-solid adaptable installation right out of the box.

The Acro P-2 also crosses over seamlessly to rifle platforms when you want to upgrade the close-quarters capability of a variable power optic. I especially valued it as a fast-action offset sight paired with various low and high magnification rifle scopes. Flawless performance without breaking the bank.

User Experience: Handling and Operating the Aimpoint Acro P-2

a closeup of Aimpoint Acro P-2 being used

Beyond analyzing core features and test bench performance, understanding how an optic handles in the field can make all the difference. Let’s see how the Acro P-2 stacks up for real-world usability.

Effortless Setup

Slap the Acro P-2 onto a compatible slide or Picatinny rail and you’ll likely be sighted-in within a few rounds. Generous windage and elevation adjustment range lets you truly dial it in for your preferred ammo and hold. The audible clicks also make intentional adjustments easier compared to mushy turrets.

While breaking it in at the range, the P-2 maintains excellent return-to-zero even after I completely remove and reinstall it to simulate field cleaning or repairs. That consistent precision inspires confidence for duty or defensive use where you need utmost reliability.

Thanks to the intelligent design, adjusting point of impact doesn’t require a special tool or breaking the sight’s seal. The housing stays fully intact protecting the emitter so you focus on firing rather than additional maintenance.

Intuitive Controls

I’m continually impressed by how quickly I can adapt the Acro P-2 to changing light conditions without taking my eyes off the target. The raised brightness buttons provide both tactile and audible feedback to confirm settings. Even with gloves on, I can crank up the brightness setting fast as conditions go from a dark indoor range to a sunny field.

The automatic shut-off after 12 idle hours is another handy feature for conserving juice and avoiding inadvertent battery drain. I prefer to disengage it which keeps the Acro P-2 ready for immediate action. But that option satisfies safe storage and transportation needs when required.

Superb Clarity & Accuracy

While much of red dot technology comes down to personal preference, I find the Acro P-2’s optical clarity and generous sight picture very intuitive. The viewing window provides excellent situational awareness while keeping the 3.5 MOA dot precisely on target once you set the magnification level.

You’ll know you have the sight dialed in perfectly when that sharp red dot floats effortlessly wherever your eyes lead it. Almost becomes an extension of your vision conveying precise shot placement regardless of lighting, weather, or positioning. That’s exactly the performance I’ve experienced after 500+ rounds relying on the Acro P-2 for flawless accuracy.

Mounting Solutions and Compatibility for the Aimpoint Acro P-2

a closeup of Aimpoint Acro P-2

While out-of-the-box compatibility is decent, the Acro P-2 truly excels mounted on an optics-ready modern sporting rifle. Let’s explore some mounting strategies and compatible firearms to showcase this sight’s capabilities.

Direct Milling Mounts

For maximum stability with minimum bulk, I’m a huge fan of direct Acro P-2 mounts milled into the handgun slide. While an added expense, it provides the lowest possible platform minimizing height over bore for concealed carry. I used the sight constantly for weeks mounted this way on a Glock 19 MOS and it performed flawlessly. Rock solid adhesion and zero loss through any realistic combat maneuvers.

If concerned about permanent modification, adapter plates also allow removability while keeping the site lower on the slide. Just ensure your pistolsmith takes the time to precisely fit the plate to your particular gun. Any slop can negatively impact consistency and frustrate your practice.

QD Rifle Mounts

While pistols highlight its ultra-compact design, I found the Acro P-2 equally at home atop modern sporting rifles. The sight integrates seamlessly with common picatinny and weaver rails using a host of Quick Detach (QD) mounting options.

Running dynamic multi-gun stages really flaunts the Acro P-2’s rapid target acquisition capabilities transitioning between rifle and pistol platforms. It provides the perfect lightweight backup whether paired with a variable power scope or as a standalone sight.

I also value the P-2 as an offset red dot sight for dangerous game rifles. The QD mount allows it to pull double duty as a close quarters sight and swing away when reaching for max magnification at distance. Very convenient to have that quick-action optic only a flip away.

Maintaining the Aimpoint Acro P-2: Longevity, Battery Life, and Care

a closeup of Aimpoint Acro P-2

Considering the Acro P-2 is built for relentless duty cycles, Aimpoint definitely built it to go the distance. While it shrugs off environmental factors that stop lesser sights, let’s cover some maintenance best practices to keep it running for the long haul.

Minimal Upkeep Needed

Considering it’s meant for abusive application, the Acro P-2 thankfully requires very little traditional cleaning or maintenance. The fully enclosed aluminum housing prevents fouling of lenses or emitter that could degrade visual performance or battery contact.

I occasionally wipe down the exterior with lens cleaner to remove grime and oils from extended carry. But when it comes to optics care, the P-2 is rather boring since so little can actually impact the interior components.

Other than inspecting externally for any damage after rough handling, I mostly trust it to just keep running like the Energizer bunny. Aimpoint clearly designed the Acro line to keep going come hell or high water. Just the kind of boring reliability I need for defensive optics.

Optimizing Battery Life

To maximize that 5+ years of battery lifespan, the most critical maintenance is adjusting settings downward when feasible. Running at max brightness constantly certainly provides the most visible dot but chews through the CR2032 faster than necessary in most conditions.

As the ambient light shifts, I’ve developed a habit of quickly toggling the brightness lower anytime it’s sufficiently visible. If I know I’ll be on the range for extended practice, setting 6 keeps it crisp without excess juice consumption. Those extra months of standby runtime can really add up over thousands of hours.

While Aimpoint claims up to a 5 year battery life for the Acro P-2, some users have reported issues with the battery unexpectedly draining even when the sight is switched off and in storage. These cases seem isolated but indicate inconsistencies in actual runtime for a small percentage of units

I do admit occasionally running the P-2 hot at max settings just for grins. It’s pretty amazing that hidden inside this tiny housing, enough consistent energy beams out to last over 5 years nonstop. Certainly reassuring knowing if you forget to ever power down, it will always be ready to rock!

Comparative Review: Aimpoint Acro P-2 vs. Industry Competitors

a closeup of a soldier holding a gun with Aimpoint Acro P-2

While the Acro P-2 stacks up well on its own merits, how does it fare compared to other juggernaut optics companies? I put the top sight models from Trijicon, SIG, and Leupold side-by-side for extensive analysis. Here are my impressions from sweating out these heavy hitters in live fire across various extreme challenges.

 Aimpoint Acro P2 Vs. Trijicon SRO

The Trijicon SRO dukes it out closely with the Acro P-2 when it comes to ultimate red dot sight supremacy. Both deliver excellent target acquisition speed with legendary durability and battery runtime. However, there are some key differentiators:

The Acro P-2’s fully enclosed emitter wins out for protection from fouling, oils, and debris. I’ve found Trijicon’s open design more prone to buildup on the lens over time.

Trijicon’s massive optics window aids picking up the dot at awkward angles compared to the Acro’s more traditional sight picture.

Available mounting options for the SRO accommodate more platforms out-of-the-box versus needing plates for the Acro P-2.

Aimpoint Acro P2 Vs. SIG Romeo1Pro

SIG’s Romeo series presents stiff competition focused on concealability and adaptability. Let’s see how the flagship Romeo1Pro stacks up:

The Romeo1Pro takes the cake for smallest and lightest pistol optic – a key consideration for discrete carry.

Battery runtimes go to the Acro P-2 for its 50,000+ hour rating nearly double that of the Romeo.

The Acro P-2 stands up to slide ride punishment much better than SIG’s offering suited for range use.

Aimpoint Acro P2 Vs. Leupold Deltapoint Pro

Leupold’s entry brings innovative auto-wake and motion activation to the fight:

The Deltapoint narrowly edges out the Acro P-2 maintaining zero after drop tests and extreme cold.

Battery life favors the Acro significantly with its 50K+ hours over the Deltapoint’s meager 3000 hours.

Leupold’s nifty auto on/off feature ekes out longer standby times thrifty shooters will appreciate.

The Acro P-2 pulls ahead in brightness range to combat intense lighting conditions.

In Summary…

The Acro P-2 certainly has its strengths but still faces stiff competition from equally impressive alternatives. It wins out for no-fail dependability taking continuous abuse. Trijicon’s optical advancements make close-quarters target acquisition easier on the eyes. And Leupold’s high-tech battery sensor takes standby time efficiency to the next level.

Personal Use Cases and Recommendations

a closeup of a soldier holding a gun with Aimpoint Acro P-2

Seeing how the Acro P-2 performs in specialized shooting disciplines provides additional insights into its capabilities. Here are my experiences and recommendations for using this optic tailored to specific users’ needs:

Competitive Shooting & 3-Gun Competition

I cut my teeth early on competitive 3-gun and find the Acro P-2 provides a distinct edge for both shooting efficiency and responsiveness. Compared to magnified optics, the unlimited eyebox and edge-to-edge clarity aid tremendously in target transitions and popper hits.

The almost nonexistent parallax allows much more aggressive leaning and off-balance firing necessitated in run-and-gun stages. Compensating holdovers becomes second nature letting you flow through a course of fire.

Once I honed in my weapon manipulations, the Acro P-2 easily shaved 5-10% off my stage times compared PRs using alternatives. If you’re looking to trim milliseconds off your draws and splits, it’s an easy upgrade choice!

Law Enforcement & Personal Defense

Talking with my buddies running and gunning daily for law enforcement, weapon mounted red dots like the Acro P-2 have become virtually standard equipment. The combination of accuracy, target acquisition speed, and durability provides substantial advantages in stressful real-world encounters compared to iron sights.

For civilian concealed carry, I feel the Acro P-2 performs just as admirably equipping defensive handguns. The sight promotes faster draws and threat identification – critical for personal safety scenarios. While bulkier than micro pistols sights, the bombproof ruggedness and years of continuous battery power give me confidence it won’t fail when truly needed.

Hunting & Precision Marksmanship

While obviously designed for reactive shooting, the Acro P-2 pulls double duty amazingly well as a precision aiming device when paired with a magnifier. Dialing in that bright precise dot proves exceptionally handy for long distance pest control and hunting trips.

The unlimited eye relief prevents losing sight picture when optics get relocated in variable field conditions. I especially value having the lower 1x magnification for offhand shots on small game and other shots of opportunity between setting up on bipod at distance. It essentially equivalent to having two quality sights for less than half the cost!

Big Game & Dangerous Game Defense

Finally, the Acro P-2 crosses over nicely for dangerous game defense when hip firing is necessitated. The generous viewing window delivers excellent situational awareness on approaching predators allowing split-second shot placement. I particularly value it as a backup top mount sight behind larger rifle scopes for those unexpected close encounters.

While impractical for primary big game hunting optics, the Acro P-2 fills an important specialty role paired with larger magnified systems. Having the faster 1x option keeps you ready for anything and everything in the wild!

FAQs on the Aimpoint Acro P-2

Considering it’s pedigree and reputation, the Acro P-2 generates its share of common questions for prospective buyers. Let’s recap answers to some frequently asked queries when evaluating this impressive little sight.

How is the build quality on the Acro P2?

Superb! Constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum and proven capable of withstanding over 20,000 harsh slide cycles. Expect reliable operation for decades equivalent to 30+ years of daily professional use.

What batteries work with the Acro P2?

It runs exclusively on the widely available CR2032 lithium battery. Expect 5000-6000 hours of life per battery on medium brightness levels.

How long does the battery last in the Acro P2?

A staggering 5+ years of continuous runtime at medium brightness levels thanks to an efficient LED emitter and quality battery. You’ll likely wear out barrels long before it drains!

Is the lens glass or plastic on the Aimpoint Acro P2?

High quality extremely resilient glass to maintain perfect visual clarity and prevent scratches in abusive environments. Significantly more durable than cheaper polymer alternatives.

How do you mount the Aimpoint Acro P2 red dot sight?

Either via slide cuts directly milled for the Acro P-2 or adapter plates matched to your particular pistol model. Quick detach mounts or picatinny interface rails for rifle installation.

Is there a big difference between Acro P1 and P2 models?

While superficially similar, the P-2 introduces 50% longer battery life, brightness improvements, enhanced ruggedness, and better optical coatings well worth the modest additional cost.

What separates the Acro P2 from cheaper red dots?

Head and shoulders better resilience to recoil, impacts, and temperature extremes thanks to a forged 7075 housing. Significantly longer expected service lifetime – well beyond 5 years continuous use.

Do I need special tools to install and zero the Acro P2?

Nope! Windage and elevation adjustments are conveniently set by hand without requiring loosening the exterior screws once properly installed.

Does weather impact the Acro P2’s performance?

Minimally since the fully sealed sight protects all internal components from moisture, oils, dust, etc. Maintains consistent point of impact from -45F to 160F degree weather extremes.

Concluding Thoughts: Is the Aimpoint Acro P-2 Right for You?

If you made it this far, hopefully I’ve showcased how the compact yet mighty Acro P-2 can prove the ultimate do-anything red dot sight upgrade. Let’s recap some key takeaways and leave with final recommendations on how this rugged optic might fit your specific shooting needs.

Key Strengths

  • Bombproof construction proven to take abuse far exceeding most civilian applications
  • Generous 50,000+ battery life for always-ready shooting response
  • Lightning-fast target acquisition speed to shave seconds off draws & transitions
  • Crisp optical clarity rapidly conveys accuracy for fast-paced shooting
  • Quickly adaptable brightness amplification for any lighting conditions
  • Multi-platform mounting options from concealed carry handguns to hunting rifles

Recommendations By User Profile

Hunters: Provides a versatile 1x option paired with magnified scopes benefiting dangerous game defense and offhand shooting.

Competitors: Edge-to-edge sight clarity compliments smooth form and function slashing stage times.

Concealed Carriers: Faster draws and threat identification promotes real-world personal defense readiness.

Collectors: Battle-ready proven performance worthy of premium modern firearm investments.

Overall Rating

Considering its tactical pedigree and excellence conveying rapid precision, I give the Acro P-2 red dot sight a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating. This high-performance sight greatly elevates shooting reaction speed across revolvers, pistols, sub guns, shotguns, and rifles alike.

While premium optics comes at a price, the Acro P-2 delivers tangible competitive advantages worth every penny. I can’t envision ever needing to upgrade or replace this optic for the foreseeable future given Aimpoint’s stellar reputation for longevity and customer service. For shooters serious about wringing out every ounce of speed and accuracy from their firearms, the Acro P-2 warrants strong consideration. Let it prove itself on your favorite gun and I’d bet you too will become a believer!

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