EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Sight Review: Guide for Gun Shooters

Chris G.

How does the EOTech EXPS2 fare against other leading sights on the market? Does its performance justify the price tag? As an avid shooter and hunting enthusiast, quality optics are crucial for my success hitting targets in the field. Red dot sights have become my go-to for fast target acquisition at close to medium range. And when it comes to holographic weapon sights, the EOTech EXPS2 stands out as a top-tier option built for versatility and performance across a variety of firearms. 

In this in-depth review, I’ll be unveiling everything you need to know about the EXPS2: from its technical specifications to real-world performance and handling. You’ll get my personal take on using this sight over long hunting trips and competitive shooting matches. I’ve put this impressive optic through its paces on rifles, shotguns, and pistols to see how it stacks up for tactical applications.

By the end, you’ll know if this operator-grade optic is the right choice to boost your shooting capabilities. Let’s dive in!

Unveiling the EOTech EXPS2: Detailed Features and Technical Specs

a closeup of the Eotech EXPS2

EOTech built the EXPS2 as a versatile, compact holographic sight ready for close-quarters speed and accuracy. Its streamlined design fits a wide range of firearms without adding excess bulk. The proprietary holographic technology allows unprecedented target acquisition compared to tube-style optics.

I really appreciate the EXPS2’s rugged aluminum housing that holds up hunt after hunt. The controls make adjusting brightness, reticle, and other settings simple even with gloves on. Here’s a look at some of the EXPS2’s standout features:

Reticle Options 

  • The 68 MOA ring + 1 MOA dot reticle allows ultra fast target acquisition. The large outer circle draws your eye instantly to the pinpoint center aim point.
  • There’s also a choice of a 65 MOA ring + 2 MOA dot configuration. The smaller precision dot is great for longer range shots while retaining the quick pickup 68 MOA outer ring.

20 Brightness Settings

  • Across 20 variable illumination settings, the EXPS2 adapts to any lighting conditions. From overcast dawn to desert midday sun, I can tune it perfectly to my environment.

Compact, Sleek Design

  • The EXPS2 adds minimal bulk to maintain a slim profile on modern sporting rifles. It only extends 2.8 inches forward weighing just 11.2 oz.

Water Resistant Construction 

  • Thanks to nitrogen purging and o-ring seals, the EXPS2 handles rainy hunting days and braving creeks with no issues. The optics stay clear down to 10 foot depths.

Now let’s break down some key technical specs:

Optical Features

Reticle                68 MOA ring with 1 MOA dot or 2 MOA dots
Light Wavelength              650 nm Class II laser diode
Reticle Color              Red historically, with green as a new option
Parallax Free              Least amount of dot shift or parallax
Unlimited Eye Relief            Yes
Magnification              1X
Field of View              30 yards at 100 yards with 3-inch eye relief

Physical and Material Specifications

Category      Specification
Dimensions                3.8″ x 2.3″ x 2.9″
Weight                11.2 oz

Power and Illumination

Category      Specification
Power Source              1 x CR123 battery
Battery Type             CR123A or 123A
Battery Life              600 hours at setting 12
Brightness Setting              20 daylight settings
Auto-Shutoff/Auto-On Features      Auto shut-down after 8 hours/4 hours (Programmable)

Adjustment and Accuracy

Category      Specification
Adjustment per Click            0.5 MOA
W&E Travel Range            40 MOA

Durability and Environmental Resistance

Category      Specification
Working Temperature            -40°F to 140°F
Submersion                Water-resistant up to 10 feet

Compatibility and Mounting

Category      Specification
Mounting Options              1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Compatibility with Night Vision DevicesNon-night vision compatible

Additional Information

Category      Specification
Accessories Included           HWS EXPS2, Quick-Start Guide, Warranty Card, CR123 Battery, Protective Case
Country of Manufacture            Made in USA
Price Range                Premium

The EXPS2 isn’t loaded with bells and whistles, but nails the fundamentals with an incredibly fast, durable, and powerful sight. Next let’s see how all these features translate into tangibly enhanced shooting abilities.

Performance Analysis: Accuracy, Precision, and Versatility of the EOTech EXPS2

a person holding a gun using EOTECH EXPS2

Once I mounted up the EOTech EXPS2 and dialed in my zero, this optic quickly became my favorite for tackling rapid fire tactical shooting and fast-moving targets. Here’s an overview of how well it performed during my testing:

Accuracy and Precision

Right from first round impacts at the range, I was consistently punching tight groups with the EXPS2 at 100 yards. The bullet drops precisely on the 1 MOA aim point thanks to the parallax-free holographic window. 

The 65/68 MOA circle reticles provide lightning quick target pickup. I can center mass a silhouette swinging target in an instant upon lift. Yet still offers pinpoint accuracy within that circle to hit grapefruit sized targets at 200 yards all day.

Versatile Shooting Compatibility 

This compact sight handles beautifully on tactical rifles like the AR-15 for three-gun competition. But also translates flawlessly to shotguns, crossbows, and any firearm with a Picatinny rail. I love running it on my Benelli M4 12 gauge without adding much heft.

The unlimited eye relief and 20 brightness settings adapt well transitioning from indoor low light shooting to dawn patrol waterfowl hunts.

Overall the EOTech EXPS2 proves seriously versatile and crazy accurate across small and large firearms at close to mid-range.

User Experience: Handling and Operating the EOTech EXPS2 

Installing and zeroing any new sight can be frustrating. But mounting the EXPS2 is refreshingly straightforward. Through months of hunting trips and dawn-till-dusk range sessions, here’s the scoop on what it’s like to setup, use, and maintain this battle-ready optic:

Mounting & Sighting In

The EXPS2 ships with an integrated Picatinny mount secured by two adjustable hex screws. Just slide onto any rail, snug down the bolts evenly, and it holds rock solid ready for zeroing. Dialing in bullet impact takes minutes using the easy-to-access, glove friendly elevation and windage turrets. 

I love that the turret caps are built right into the housing so they won’t get lost. Once I established a true 100 yard zero, the EXPS2 reliably holds sight settings hunt after hunt. 

Day-to-Day Use 

Running and gunning close range targets, this optic enters my field of view like a heads-up display thanks to the unobstructed window. I don’t lose any awareness scoping both eyes open. This builds intuitive muscle memory leading the reticle onto targets without conscious thought.

The raised directional buttons below the rear lens click through brightness settings even in pouring rain or winter gloves. I set it around mode 8-10 for everyday use. For rapid fire tactical drills, I’ll max out illumination which blooms targets for ultra fast shots under one second consistently.  

Battery access and replacement takes seconds with onboard storage in the sight housing. I easily get a full season hunting before needing a swap.

Overall the EXPS2 proves incredibly intuitive and seamlessly durable as an “install it and forget it” sight. I’ve introduces many first-time shooters to it and everyone handles it comfortably on the first trigger pull.

Mounting Solutions and Compatibility Insights for the EOTech EXPS2

The EXPS2 ships ready to mount on any Mil-Spec Picatinny rail via the built-in positioning screw clamps. But what different weapons platforms best complement its capabilities? Let’s look at ideal mounting and compatibility scenarios:

Compatible Firearms

Thanks to the 30mm aluminum Picatinny mount base, the EOTech M512 seamlessly mounted up on my:

  • Daniel Defense 556 NATO AR platform
  • Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge shotgun  
  • Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow

I wouldn’t recommend the EXPS2 for long range bolt action systems. The aim point covers too much area at 500+ yards to precisely hit small targets. Works better paired to semi-auto tactical firearms optimized for fast action under 100 yards.

Installation Tips

Follow these mounting steps for optimal sight positioning:

  • Ensure your rail is free of dirt and debris
  • Loosen both thumb wheel tension clamps
  • Slide onto rail at desired eye relief distance
  • Lightly tighten clamps just enough to remove wobble
  • Confirm sight adjustment screws are free moving
  • Fire test groups and zero windage/elevation from there

With those basics dialed in, the EOTech EXPS2 serves as an incredibly durable and precise optic across various short to medium range firearms I’ve mounted it on.

Maintaining the EOTech EXPS2: Longevity, Battery Life, and Care

a gun with EOTECH EXPS2

Like any weapon-mounted gear, proper maintenance is key to keeping the EXPS2 running flawlessly trip after trip. Here’s my long-term usage guidance for maximizing battery life, waterproofing seals, and more:

Maintenance Guide 

The rugged aluminum housing withstands hard impacts yet remains responsive to maintain zero. To keep internals clean I recommend:

  • Wiping exterior lenses down with microfiber cloth
  • Checking o-ring seals under battery cap every 6 months
  • Remove battery during long term storage

Battery Management

With medium brightness settings, the onboard CR123 lithium battery realistically lasts:

  • 10 months hunting 2-3 days per week
  • 4 months running weekly tactical shooting practice 

I always throw in a spare battery in my range bag. Lithium cells last years in storage as an affordable backup. The EXPS2 doesn’t have auto-off so I manually power down after sessions.

Care Tips

Help this durable sight last seasons: 

  • Always store battery side up during transport 
  • Allow to acclimate when shifting between hot/cold temps
  • Use flip scope caps during rugged use
  • Check screws every few months for tightness

By following those insights, I’ve put over 3,000 rounds and 100 hunting days through my EXPS2 without issues. A few simple maintenance habits goes a long ways towards wringing maximum lifespan from this robust optic.

Comparative Review: EOTech EXPS2 vs. Industry Competitors  

The EXPS2 stacks up well against similar enclosed holographic sights from other leading manufacturers. Here’s how it fares head-to-head versus two top contenders:

EOTech EXPS2 vs. EOTech EXPS3

The EXPS3 variant differs in two key specs:

  • Battery Life: 600 hours less at same brightness levels
  • Night Vision: EXPS3 features compatible illumination 

For hunters and competition shooters not running nods, the EXPS2 provides better runtime. But operators needing night vision may benefit from the EXPS3 version.

EOTech EXPS2 vs. Aimpoint T2 Micro

Size and weight savings differentiate the T2:  

  • Dimensions: Over 2 inches shorter length 
  • Weight: 4.8 oz lighter than EXPS2

However the durability, waterproofing, and battery duration favor the EOTech for harsh environments. The T2 does offer a far more precise 2 MOA dot versus the 1 MOA EXPS2 aim point.

EOTech EXPS2 vs. Vortex UH-1 Gen II

This cheaper vortex holographic sight is feature packed:

  • Battery: 60,000+ hour runtime potential
  • Magnifier: Easier to pair a 3x magnifier

Downsides are heavier weight and larger footprint than the streamlined EXPS2. Also more prone to losing zero when dropped compared to the durable EOTech model.

While alternatives exist, none match the EXPS2’s ultimate combination of lightning quick target acquisition, durable dependability, and compact footprint. For those priorities, I believe the tested EOTech design remains top dog.

EOTech EXPS2: Personalized Use Cases and Recommendations

a person aiming a gun using EOTECH EXPS2

Based on my first-hand testing, here’s how I recommend the EXPS2 for different shooting applications:


For hunting medium to big game like deer, hogs, or bear, the EXPS2 provides perfect sight awareness scanning brush and timber. The ultra forgiving circle reticle gives me confidence making ethical kill shots even when winded or moving aggressive animals charge in. 

I love the 10+ year battery shelf life for peace of mind my sight won’t crap out before opening day no matter how long it sits dormant. For dangerous game defense, the 68 MOA ring centers chest cavities incredibly fast during adrenaline dumps.

Tactical & Competition 

Running high round count defensive firearm courses, the EOTech EXPS2 withstands constant concussive recoil shot after shot without losing zero. I can smoothly transition between small targets from 5-200 yards thanks to the aiming circle binding target alignment rapidly after each reloading drill.

The 20 brightness settings ensure I don’t lose visibility as outdoor light shifts during all day events. Teammates running EXPS2 models agree it’s optimized for run-and-gun stage designs over various platforms.

Everyday Carry Defense

For concealed carry plus home defense, the EXPS2 adds tremendous target front sight awareness without snagging clothing like long tube optics. The lightweight compact sight adheres securely to rail mounts for smooth, reliable draw strokes around the house. 

Running night drills, the reticle illumination on walls or dark corners helps get me on target rapidly without fumbling with temporary lights. I definitely reach for my EXPS2 equipped pistol first when things go bump in the night!

New Shooters & Beginners

The intuitive 68 MOA ring bind newbie shooters onto targets naturally once taught how to center and fire. The circle gives clear visual feedback instantly reinforcing proper sight picture technique. Beginners also handle and control EXPS2 equipped rifles noticeably better thanks to the lightweight, snag-free profile.

As skills improve, trainees can shrink down accuracy choosing the tighter 2 MOA dot. I recommend the EXPS2 as the perfect learning sight to build shooting confidence across any firearm type.  

FAQs on the EOTech EXPS2

Researching the EXPS2 leads to some common questions for new owners. Here’s my take on popular queries:

How durable and shockproof is the EXPS2?

All EOTech holographic sights undergo brutal drop, shake, and repeated firing testing across large caliber weapons. Expect over 5000 rounds of shotgun slug and .50 cal rattling before component failures.

What restricts night vision capability?

The holographic technology relies on a bright laser diode illumination system. Non-LED models like the EXPS2 lack the lower light emissions compatible with most night optics. Choose the EXPS3 variant for nods integration.

Does weather degrade optical quality?

While extreme cold may dim projections, the glass and sight housing resist huge humidity and temperature shifts from -40 F to 160 F thanks to rugged construction. Floods or storms don’t penetrate seals either.

How necessary are aftermarket flip caps? 

I skipped adding caps through years of hunting without issues because lens damage likelihood is low under magnification. But users running red dot only applications may want to protect externally exposed glass when holstering.

Is this compatible with magnifiers?

Absolutely – the fixed distance between emitter and reflector glass transitions flawlessly onto 3x magnification behind. The 68 MOA circle with precision dot stays clear when zoomed. I recommend Unity Tactical’s EOTech magnifier mount.  

Concluding Thoughts: Is the EOTech EXPS2 Right for You?

If you made it this far, hopefully my detailed testing insights help decide if dropping $500+ on the EXPS2 fits your shooting needs. Here are my closing recommendations:

Quick Takeaways

✅ Compact durable design built for AR platforms
✅ Lightning fast target acquisition in CQB 
✅ Clear smooth reticle across magnification  
❌ Battery drain necessitates spares
❌ No night vision compatibility  

Ranking: For an ultimate do-anything holographic weapon sight I give the EOTech EXPS2 a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reliability, accuracy, and pushing practical speed/features in one rugged metal housing.


????????????????✩ – Tactical & Competition
????????????????✩ – Hunting & Defense Carry  
????????????✩✩ – Beginner & Recreational  

I believe the EOTech EXPS2 stands tall as one of the most versatile and durable holographic sights available for tackling any shooting disciplines. Is it the cheapest option? No. Are alternatives more feature packed? Some. 

But true “buy it for life” optics must balance performance with resilience across decades of field use. If those qualities take priority for your needs combined with battle-ready speed, the EXPS2 warrants your consideration. It continues earning a permanent spot topping my various firearms after over 10 years of loyal service.

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