HEX Wasp Red Dot Sight Review: Micro Features Unveiled

Chris G.

As an avid shooter and hunting enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for gear that can improve my skills and experience in the field. So when Springfield Armory released their new Hex Wasp Red Dot sight, I was eager to get my hands on it and take it for a test drive.

Springfield Armory, makers of the popular Hellcat micro-compact EDC pistol, set out to design the perfect micro red dot sight to pair with their concealed carry lineup. The Hex Wasp hits the market strong with an IPX7 waterproof rating, fully multi-coated lenses, 6061 aluminum housing, and automatic brightness adjustment.

Quickly glancing at the specs, the Wasp looks like a top contender among micro dots going toe-to-toe with the Trijicon RMRcc, SIG Romeo Zero, and Shield SMSc.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the features, performance, and real-world usage of this exciting new micro red dot optic. Strap in for the full rundown on whether the Hex Wasp lives up to its sting.

Unveiling the Hex Wasp Red Dot: Features and Specs

a closeup of the Hex Wasp

My first impression taking the Wasp out of the box was solid feel and sleek aesthetics. Weighing just 0.6oz and measuring only 0.9in wide, it’s perfectly proportioned for compact single stack CCW pistols. The black anodized aluminum housing feels extremely durable and matches the finish of most modern handguns.

Optical Features

Category          Specification
Dot Size                3.5 MOA Dot, Red
Parallax Adjustment            Parallax Free
Adjustment                .5 MOA (90 MOA Windage & Elevation)
Magnification              1x
Battery                  CR2032 – 65,000 Hours
Operation                Always On
Brightness Adjustment            Auto-Dimming
Waterproofing              IPX7
Lens                  Glass, Scratch Resistant & Anti-Glare Coating
Housing Material              Machined 6061 T6 Hardcoat Aluminum
Footprint                Springfield Micro™, Shield RMSc
Dimensions                Width 0.95″, Length 1.60″, Height 0.86″
Weight                0.7 oz

Included in the Box

Category                  Specification
Accessories                Hex wrench, Torx wrench, CR2032 battery, two sets of screws

Warranty Information

Category               Specification
Lifetime Warranty              Repair or replacement for damage or defect, excluding intentional damage, misuse, cosmetic damage not affecting performance, loss, theft, or unauthorized repair or modification
Electronic Limited 5-Year Warranty  Covers electronic defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of manufacture

Country of Manufacture

Category              Specification
Manufacturing Location            China, to Springfield Armory’s design specifications

Springfield Armory really packed some slick features into this tiny footprint:

  • 3.5 MOA Dot Reticle – The dot size offers a great balance of precision aiming and fast target acquisition. 3.5 MOA equates to about 1in grouping at 30yds which is plenty precise for defensive pistol use.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lens – All air-to-glass surfaces have anti-glare coatings to reduce light scattering and improve light transmission. Result is a bright, high contrast dot.
  • Auto-Brightness Mode – Built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts dot intensity. Helpful when moving from indoors to outdoors.
  • 20,000+ Hours Battery Life – Powered by a common CR2032 battery promising 2 years of continuous runtime. No on/off switches.
  • IPX7 Waterproof – Can withstand complete immersion up to 1 meter for 30min. I confirmed this dunk testing it in a creek!
  • 6 Low-Profile Adjustment SETTINGS – Windage and elevation turrets offer audible clicks and require a Torx T-10 wrench for zeroing adjustments.
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Housing – Durable aluminum main body keeps weight down while protecting against drops and bumps.
  • Shield RMSc Footprint – Matches the increasingly common SMSc pattern for broad pistol compatibility.

These features stack up well next to the emerging field of micro dots designed specifically for concealed carry.

Performance Analysis: Accuracy, Precision, and Versatility

a person holding a gun with Hex Wasp

Putting it through the paces both on the range and in the field, I was able to directly evaluate how the Hex Wasp performed in terms of accuracy, precision, and real world reliability. Here’s how it measured up to some of my other pistol optics:

Accuracy and Precision

The Wasp delivered impressive accuracy for its size and weight class. From a rest, I could consistently land 1in groups at 25 yards. Not sub-MOA precision, but exceptional for the tiny 3.5 MOA dot and a duty pistol platform.

The glass and lens coatings also help boost clarity and target focus. I never struggled to pick up and track the dot against dark backstops or in transitional lighting scenarios. The ability to precisely place the reticle on target inspires confidence in making tough shots under stress.

Versatile Platform Performance

A major advantage of the Wasp over traditional micro dots is its compatibility across a range of pistols and sub guns. The Shield RMSc footprint grants broad mounting options. I was able to successfully run it on:

  • Springfield Hellcat OSP
  • SIG P365 SAS
  • Glock 43x MOS
  • CZ Scorpion pistol
  • Extar EP9

Regardless of caliber or platform, the Wasp maintained reliable zero and pleasant sight picture. The 3.5MOA dot suits everything from EDC to home defense without any accessories or plates required.

Rugged Reliability

Any optic that rides on a carry gun needs to perform under pressure when called upon. Despite its petite package, the Wasp proved surprisingly robust whether bouncing through daily carry or spending long days afield:

  • Held zero after 250+ rounds rapid fire
  • Functioned flawlessly after being soaked in rain
  • Survived repeated drops onto concrete from head height
  • No fogging issues in cold morning hunts

For a micro sight at this price point, I was thoroughly impressed by how the Hex Wasp stood up to unforgiving abuse. It instills confidence that it can withstand the inevitable knocks of CCW duty.

User Experience: Handling and Operating the Hex Wasp

One of the Hex Wasp’s strongest aspects beyond performance is its sheer ease of use. Everything from installation to adjustments and daily operation is intuitive thanks to Springfield’s smart design decisions. Here’s an overview of my user experience getting up and running with the Wasp:

Straightforward Installation

Mounting the Wasp is about as simple as it gets. Just line up the posts on the underside with the front and rear sights grooves on any optic ready gun, apply a drop of threadlocker, and torque down the included screws with a T-10 Torx driver. Takes all of 2 minutes to be up and running. Love the plug-and-play functionality.

Effortless Zeroing Process

Getting the Wasp perfectly dialed in was similarly painless. The audible, positive clicking turrets made sighting in a breeze. I had it printing bullseyes in under 10 rounds just using the included sight adjustment tool. Huge perk not needing to buy additional specialty tools.

Ergonomic Everyday Carry

This micro sight simply melts away once installed on an EDC gun. I carry my Wasp-equipped Hellcat in a belly band holster and often forget it’s even riding along. The slim, rounded profile avoids any uncomfortable jabbing when seated or bending over.

The automatic brightness keeps the dot visible in changing light yet subtly dims for nighttime discretion. I’m thoroughly impressed by how the Wasp improves carry convenience without adding any bulk.

Mounting Solutions and Compatibility

One of the Wasp’s key strengths is its wide range of mounting compatibility right from the factory. Here are some of my insights after installing it on a variety of host platforms:

Included Hardware Covers Most Bases

The Hex Wasp ships with two sets of mounting screws – #6-32 and M4x0.7. This conveniently covers installation for just about any optic ready compact pistol like Glocks, SIGs, and S&W M&P Shields. No extra plates required to get up and running.

Springfield Micro Footprint Opens Options

The sight geometry matches Springfield’s proprietary Micro red dot standard. This grants plug-and-play fitment for the Hellcat, 911, and XD-S Mod 2 OSP models. But it also lets the Wasp work on aftermarket milled slides like the Zev Oz9c.

Adding a Plate Broadens Compatibility

For non-optics ready models, companies like CHPWS manufacture adapter plates that let the Wasp mount up. I was able to use a plate to successfully mount it on a CZ P10S OR slide. Plates also enable rifle integration.

Co-Witness Potential

The Wasp’s slim profile preserves your iron sights on most pistols. With suppressor height sights, you can establish lower 1/3 co-witness if desired. Just be mindful of tolerances when selecting sights and mounting screws.

Maintaining the Hex Wasp: Care Tips

a gun with a Hex Wasp

While the Hex Wasp has proven ultra durable so far, proper maintenance is still essential for longevity. Here are some best practices I’ve developed for keeping it running like new:

Lens Cleaning

I’m careful to blow any dust off the lenses before wiping gently with the included microfiber cloth. For cleaning solvent, I use only lens cleaner not alcohol that could damage coatings.

Pre-Shoot Bolting

Before range trips, I check that all 4 mounting screws remain snugged to 15 in/lbs using a calibrated torque wrench. Prevents any shifting under recoil.

Post-Shoot Inspection

I always inspect for new dings or damage after returning from the range. So far the aluminum housing has resisted all dents and dings.

Battery Replacement

When the dot eventually dims indicating low battery, I’ll replace the CR2032 using a wraps to avoid touching the contacts. Replacing annually is a good precaution.

Periodic Re-Zeroing

I reconfirm zero every 6 months and adjust if needed. Keeps the dot dead on as parts wear over time.

With these minor maintenance habits, I’m confident my Wasp can deliver years of reliable performance. The waterproof construction provides peace of mind even if caught in a downpour.

Comparative Review: How the Hex Wasp Stacks Against Rivals

The burgeoning micro red dot market offers no shortage of alternatives from revered brands. But how does this budget-friendly new optic compare when pit head-to-head against heavy hitters like Trijicon and Leupold? I break down the key distinctions:

Trijicon RMRcc

The RMRcc is renowned glass but comes at a premium $100+ price tag. Both offer comparable duty-grade durability and waterproofing. The Hex Wasp boasts better battery life while RMRcc touts more adjustments and brightness settings. With a cost 40% lower though, the Wasp delivers substantial value.

Leupold Delta Point Pro

Leupold’s pedigree needs no introduction, but again you’ll pay for the logo. The glass on the Delta Point Pro is marginally clearer, but for 2-3x the price. Meanwhile the Wasp adds shake awake auto on/off lacking in the DP Pro. For most defensive applications, that trade off warrants consideration especially on a budget.

Shield RMSc

The Wasp and RMSc go toe-to-toe as micro dots tailored specifically for concealed carry. The Shield boasts metal buttons and a slimmer, snag free profile. However the Wasp delivers notably better battery life and rated durability thanks to its aircraft grade aluminum housing. At a $60 cheaper MSRP, I give the edge to the new Hex Wasp.

While it can’t claim the legacy names of longstanding premium brands, the Wasp clearly succeeds in delivering 90% of their capability at a dramatically lower cost. That compromises some features but unlocks micro dot performance for many more shooters.

Ideal Uses and Recommendations

a gun with Hex Wasp

With its versatile design, the Hex Wasp lends itself well to a variety of applications. Based on my testing, here are some personalized recommendations:

Everyday Carry

The Wasp hits the sweet spot for CCW use with its compact footprint, lightweight, and automatic brightness mode. Set it and forget it functionality improves defensive readiness.

Home Defense

For nightstand duty, the always-on operation ensures the dot is ready when you need it without fumbling with buttons. The Wasp really shines providing quick target acquisition in low light home defense scenarios.

Hunting & Competition

The durable housing and excellent battery performance hold up for long days in the field. The 3.5 MOA dot offers precision for shots on game but rapid pickup for moving targets. I suggest the Wasp for hunters wanting an EDC cross-over optic.

Law Enforcement & Military

With an IPX7 waterproof rating and shockproof design, this micro dot can survive hard use in professional applications. The lightweight profile also suits backup mounting on a patrol rifle.

For most civilians, I think the Wasp hits the sweet spot of affordability without sacrificing too many features or ruggedness. It may lack some bells and whistles of premium offerings, but provides an economical pathway to enjoy the benefits of a micro red dot.

FAQs on the HEX Wasp Red Dot

Here I address some common questions that may help if you’re still on the fence about purchasing the Hex Wasp:

How does it compare to the Holosun 507k?

The Holosun 507k offers shake awake and side battery access at a similar price point. But the Wasp delivers notably better rated durability and an aluminum vs polymer housing. For carry optics, I lean towards the Wasp’s sturdier construction.

What mounting plates are available?

Companies like CHPWS offer adapter plates enabling the Wasp to mount on popular models like Canik TP9, CZ P10, FN 509, and many others beyond factory optics ready guns. This greatly expands compatibility.

Does it hold zero when removed?

In my testing, the Wasp reliably returns to zero after temporarily removing and reinstalling it using proper torque on the mounting screws with threadlocker. This allows cleaning the handgun without rezeroing.

Can it be used with night vision?

Unfortunately the Hex Wasp lacks any night vision compatibility. For low light use, you’ll need to rely solely on the automatic brightness mode. I suggest supplementing with weapon mounted IR illuminators.

Final Verdict: Is the HEX Wasp Red Dot Right For You?

After thoroughly testing this exciting new micro red dot offering from Springfield Armory, I believe the Hex Wasp stacks up impressively against the competition. It offers 80-90% of the performance of premium offerings at about half the cost.

Some shooters may hesitate to adopt a budget import optic over established veteran brands. However, side by side comparisons reveal Springfield didn’t cut many corners designing the Wasp. It holds its own in critical categories like precision, durability, and ease of use.

For defensive and carry applications, I think the Wasp hits a compelling balance of affordability and capability. Is it a perfect optic? Of course not – the lack of manual controls and limited adjustments leave room for refinement. But for an economical entry point into red dots, the Hex Wasp undoubtedly warrants strong consideration.

I happily award it 4 out of 5 stars as a micro red dot that punches above its class. For CCW, home defense, competition, and hunting, the Wasp brings slick innovation without the premium price tag. If you’re Seeking to enhance your handgun performance on a budget, join me in welcoming this exciting new player to the field. The Hex Wasp’s potent sting belies its tiny stature and economical cost, making it a micro red dot ready to dominate your next outing.

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