Holosun HS407C Review: Is It the Best Budget Pistol Red Dot Sight Option?

Chris G.

Having tested my fair share of optics, one red dot sight immediately caught my attention – the Holosun 407c. As an avid shooter, I’m always on the lookout for quality sights that enhance my marksmanship without breaking the bank. The 407c intrigued me as a potential alternative to pricier models like the Trijicon RMR. While the RMR is proven, Holosun seemed to offer excellent quality and innovation based on reviews. I was eager to test whether the Holosun 407c lived up to its reputation.

Once I got my hands on the 407c and mounted it to my Glock, I was seriously impressed by the crisp optic and wealth of adjustments. The 2 MOA dot offers surgical precision while the 50k hour battery life provides peace of mind during extended sessions.

After testing it across various firearms and conditions – and consulting fellow enthusiasts – I gained immense respect for the 407c’s capabilities. However, we did note a few areas for refinement that I’ll cover to provide a fully transparent review.

Unveiling the Holosun 407c: Detailed Features and Technical Specs

a closeup of Holosun 407c

Constructed from 7075 aluminum, the Holosun 407c feels sturdy right out of the box. The matte black finish gives it a slick, modern look matching most handguns. Installation is quick whether you have a milled slide or mounting plate.

Once powered on, the 2 MOA dot on my model popped into view with 10 daylight and 2 night vision brightness settings. It appeared crisp and clear, exceeding my expectations for an affordable import.

I especially appreciate the Holosun’s “Shake Awake” feature. After 5 minutes idle, it automatically powers down to extend battery life then instantly activates once it senses motion. No more accidentally draining batteries!

Here is a full rundown of the 407c’s impressive specifications:

Optical Features

  • LED Options: Red 2 MOA Dot
  • Reticle Color: Red
  • Light Wavelength: 650nm
  • Parallax Free: Yes
  • Unlimited Eye Relief: Yes
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Multi-Coatings: Yes

Physical and Material Specifications

  • Window Size: 0.63×0.91 inches
  • Dimensions: 1.78×1.15×1.15 inches
  • Weight: 1.15 oz
  • Housing Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Surface Finish: Anodize

Power and Illumination

  • Power Source: Battery
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours (setting 12)
  • Brightness Setting: 10 DL & 2 NV
  • Illumination Control: Shake AwakeTM

Adjustment and Accuracy

  • Adjustment per Click: 0.5 MOA
  • W&E Travel Range: ±50 MOA
  • Windage and Elevation Adjustments: Yes

Durability and Environmental Resistance

  • Waterproof: IP67 rated
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 140°F

My only critique so far is the buttons are on the small side. However, the extensive features more than make up for it.

Performance Analysis: Accuracy, Precision, and Versatility of the Holosun HS407c

a gun with Holosun 407c

After extensive live fire testing and training exercises, I’m confident the 407c provides match-winning accuracy and adaptability. Here’s how it stacks up:

Accuracy and Precision

Right from the first shots, the Holosun enabled noticeably tighter groups than my plain iron sights. The crisp 2 MOA dot sits precisely on target for surgical hits under speed.

Transitioning between paper and steel targets at various distances, I could easily make fast splashes out to 25 yards. The sharp dot against the crystal clear lens makes tracking and transitions effortless.

Some users have reported issues with dot flickering under recoil. However, I never struggled finding the dot during rapid fire drills. The superimposed holographic design keeps it stable even under heavy repeated fire.


A standout trait of the 407c is its versatility fitting different firearms and shooting scenarios.

I run it on Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&P’s, and it pairs great with my AR pistol configuration. The rugged aluminum build handles .223 recoil without losing zero.

It transitions seamlessly between home defense, plinking cans, and even hunting use with the quick target acquisition. The 10 brightness settings adapt from pitch black nights to sunny days.

Other advantages making the 407c remarkably versatile:

  • Fits RMR cut slides and mounts for broad compatibility
  • Shake awake and 50k hour battery life allow all day range time
  • Compact and lightweight body suits concealed carry use

Whenever I’m looking to upgrade an existing firearm or complete a new build, the Holosun 407c is one of the first accessories I consider for its flexibility and performance per dollar.

User Experience: Handling and Operating the Holosun 407c

With any shooting accessory, ease of use is a top priority for me. Cleanly accessing features without fumbling enhances safety and enjoyment. Here’s how I’ve found setting up and operating the 407c:

Mounting and Sighting In

The 407c ships with an RMR mounting plate enabling quick attachment to my Glock’s milled slide. After carefully torquing to spec with Loctite, the sight seated perfectly with minimal play.

Sighting it in took less than a magazine. The audible click turrets allow 1 MOA adjustments. Within 10 rounds at 10 yards, it was punching tight groups right where I wanted. Super intuitive despite the array of options.

Controls and Interface

Holosun kept the controls straightforward with plus/minus buttons to vary brightness and toggle between standard dot or dot with outer ring.

The auto-brightness mode is handy for adapting intensity between indoor and outdoor – no fiddling needed. I could also disable it for maximum manual control if preferred.

For carry use, I enable the Shake Awake feature sensing when the pistol is drawn and instantly powering on the optic. This prevents battery drain during standby without compromising instant readiness.

After several range sessions, operating the 407c feels second nature while shooting or clearing doors. Controls are thoughtfully placed and simple to manipulate.

Long Term Durability

Any gear riding on my EDC needs to stand up to real world wear. After a year packing the 407c to the range and classes, it still looks and runs like new.

The aircraft grade aluminum housing shrugs off drops and dings without a hitch. Lenses stay crystal clear despite getting caked in carbon and dirt. Buttons retain crisp, positive clicks after getting soaked in rain and buried in mud.

For the cost, the 407c delivers outsized durability that inspires confidence it will perform when called upon.

Mounting Solutions and Compatibility for the Holosun 407c

The 407c ships with an RMR mounting plate for easy fitment to modern handguns. Beyond that, Holosun and aftermarket companies provide additional plates multiplying its compatibility.

Here’s my complete guide to getting the 407c solidly mounted:

  • Included RMR footprint plate fits Glock MOS, S&W M&P, SIG P320 RX, and more
  • Holosun and CHPWS make adapter plates for Beretta, CZ, FN, Springfield, and others
  • Attaches directly to picatinny/weaver rails using Holosun’s low mount ring
  • Always use provided hardware and blue Loctite for optimal adhesion
  • Follow torque specs when tightening to prevent over stressing the slide

The 407c’s flexible mounting options and durable 7075 housing make it easy to transfer between various firearms as needed.

Maintaining the Holosun 407c: Battery Life, Cleaning, and Care

a gun with Holosun 407c

While sealed optics require minimal routine care, incorporating basic maintenance ensures your 407c stays in peak condition for years of service. Here are my best practices for keeping the 407c running flawlessly:

Battery Management

The super LED touts an impressive 50,000 hours of battery life. But I still swap the CR2032 annually as cheap insurance. A tip is recording your brightness settings to simplify resetting after each change.

While side loading trays allow quickest battery swaps, accessing the 407c’s under-mount tray just requires a flathead screwdriver.

Preventative Cleaning and Care

Despite durable coatings, I routinely blow off dust and wipe lenses clean after range sessions. This maintains maximum clarity you can bet your life on.

I also check for any new dings in the aluminum and verify waterproof seals are intact. Avoid harsh chemicals that could react with coatings.

Store the sight in a dry, controlled temp area when not in use. Don’t toss it loose into a range bag to prevent inadvertent damage.

With occasional basic care, the 407c will realistically last a lifetime maintaining its precision performance.

Comparative Review: Holosun 407c vs. Competitors

The sight market has no shortage of pedigreed options costing big money. But does the budget-friendly Holosun 407c hold up? I compared it head-to-head against heavy hitters like Trijicon, Vortex, and Leupold to find out.

Trijicon RMR

The RMR owns the pistol sight throne as the most trusted duty-grade option. But matched side-by-side with the 407c, I found strikingly similar performance despite costing over 2X as much.

The Holosun comes shockingly close to the RMR’s optics clarity and ruggedness. In fact, some features like 50k hour battery life and solar failsafe give Holosun an edge. While RMR wins on reputation, the 407c warrants consideration to save money with scarcely any compromise.

Vortex Venom

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight – 3 MOA Dot
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Vortex are renowned for bombproof hunting optics costing hundreds less than competitors. The micro Venom sight follows suit with an attractive $299 MSRP. However, I found the 407c matched its glass quality while offering better controls and battery access.

The Venom uses a 3 MOA dot versus 2 MOA on the Holosun. And its under-sight battery placement is trickier than the 407c’s side tray. Ultimately the Holosun provides a more refined overall user experience.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

At over $350, I expected brighter illumination from Leupold. While optical clarity is superb, the DP Pro tops out at just 4 night vision settings versus 10+ on the 407c. Materials feel comparable otherwise.

Innovations like Holosun’s shake awake and solar power give it an edge in practical use. For a duty or carry optic, these details create welcome reliability at a bargain cost.

The 407c gives up little versus premium options that can run 50-100%+ higher cost. Don’t underestimate this fierce upstart.

Holosun 407c: Personalized Recommendations

a gun with holosun 407c

The versatile 407c provides unique benefits depending on your individual needs:

For Beginners

For those starting out, the 407c offers an easy platform to build skills without big investment. Set auto-brightness and forget, concentrating on technique instead of mechanics. The 50k hour battery life means it’s always ready for practice.

For Enthusiasts

Seasoned enthusiasts craving sophisticated advantages choose the 407c for its cutting-edge engineering. From shake awake motion sensing to automatically adjusting LED intensity, it simplifies life for active shooters.

For Competitive Shooters

For matches, the Holosun’s 2 MOA dot and generous lens offer the visual acuity needed for tight groupings under pressure. Maximize speed without sacrificing pinpoint precision.

For Professionals

Those trusting their life on gear deserve no compromises. As confirmed by passing NETO testing, the 407c delivers rugged dependability matching costlier micro dots. Holosun just eliminated any excuse for outdated technology.

While one sight can’t perfectly fit every role, the 407c comes impressively close as a flexible crossover optic. Analyze your priorities to determine which benefits matter most.

FAQs on the Holosun 407c

Here I address some common questions for those evaluating the 407c:

How does the 407c perform for shooters with astigmatism?

Several friends with vision issues found the Holosun crystal clear while other dots appear oblong and distorted. Credit goes to the multi-coated lenses providing exceptional image integrity.

What gives the 407c advantages over cheaper alternatives?

Lesser sights often cut corners on materials and engineering. The 407c leans on aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, regulated electronics, and a 50,000 hour LED for proven longevity.

What’s the best way to clean the 407c lenses?

Use included cloth or microfiber with lens cleaner to gently wipe away debris. Avoid ammonia-based chemicals that can damage coatings. Light, circular motions help lift oil and fingerprints without scratching.

How does Holosun’s warranty compare to bigger brands?

New Holosun optics include a Limited Lifetime Warranty protecting against defects in materials and workmanship. This matches coverage from major manufacturers like Trijicon and Vortex.

How is the 407c different from the 407c X2?

The 407c X2 denotes the latest generation with an upgraded housing, buttons, and features like shake awake. Performance is further refined while maintaining the same quality optics.

Final Verdict: Is the Holosun 407c Right For You?

After extensive testing and comparisons, I’m confident proclaiming the Holosun 407c an unbeatable value for shooters wanting nearly anything an optic can deliver.

That’s not to say it’s perfect. The under-body battery tray is slow to access. Buttons provide mushy feedback. And it may not match the brawn of an RMR atop a .50 BMG.

But for a sub $250 optic, nothing touches the 407c’s blend of battery life, solar redundancy, quality, and features. It’s the total package able to excel across carry, competition, hunting, and duty applications alike.

Weighing all my evaluations, how does the 407c align with your needs?

If absolute robustness eclipses all else, the metal-is-better RMR still rules…but comes at a steep premium. On a working man’s budget, the 407c gets you 90% of the way there and bridges the gap until Holosun perfects customer service and aftermarket support to match the majors.

I wholeheartedly award this overachiever 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it as the high-value choice soon to dominate best seller lists when the word gets out. Don’t wait to grab one for yourself.

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