Holosun 407k x2 Red Dot Sight: Is It For Your Firearm?

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Unsure about the best red dot optic for your firearm? You may be wondering which one is right for you.

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HOLOSUN HS407K-X2 Classic Reflex Red Dot Only Sight

Verdict: Professionals and enthusiasts alike appreciate its real-world capabilities, whether compared to other Holosun optics or different brands

  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Shake Awake
  • Great Incluusions
  • Price
  • Battery
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The Holosun 407k x2 emerges as a compelling contender, promising a blend of cutting-edge technology and practical design. But is it the right fit for your firearm?

Let’s go through the features, specifications, and potential considerations of the Holosun 407k x2. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of red dot sights, this exploration aims to shed light on whether this optic aligns with your shooting preferences and demands.

What is the Holosun 407k x2 Red Dot Sight

Let’s start with the basics. The Holosun 407k x2 is a red dot sight designed for firearms. It’s a compact and lightweight optic that provides a fast and easy target acquisition. The “x2” in its name suggests an improved version, so you might want to dig into the specific upgrades or features that set it apart from its predecessor. Consider looking into factors like battery life, reticle options, durability, and any additional functionalities that might make it a good fit for your firearm.

Holosun is the company behind the 407k x2. They are known for manufacturing a range of red dot sights, reflex sights, and other optics for firearms. Holosun has gained popularity for offering quality optics with various innovative features, often at competitive prices compared to other brands in the market.

Technical Specifications of the Holosun 407k x2

Let’s start with the technical specifications of the Holosun 407 K X2

Reticle: 6 MOA Dot
Light Wavelength: 650 nm  / 540 nm
Reticle Color: Red
Parallax Free: Yes
Unlimited Eye Relief: Yes
Magnification: 1x
Multi-Coatings: Yes
Window Size: 0.58 x 0.77 inches
Dimension: 1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches
Weight: 1 oz
Power Source: Battery
Battery Type: CR1632
Battery Life: 50,000 hours
Brightness Setting: 10 DL&2 NV
Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃
Working Temperature: -30℃ to 60℃
Submersion: IP67
Vibration: 5000G 
Housing Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Surface Finish: Anodized
Adjustment per Click: 1 MOA
W&E Travel Range: ±30 MOA
Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃
Working Temperature: -30℃ to 60℃
Submersion: IP67
Vibration: 5000G

Features of the Holosun 407k x2

The Holosun 407k x2 stands out among red dot sights with its unique features. Let’s check out some of them.

Solar Failsafe: The red dot automatically adjusts the brightness setting to match ambient lighting conditions. Thus, the red dot is visible whether you’re under the bright noonday sun or in pitch-black rooms. The Solar Failsafe feature also helps you save battery power. 

Multi-Reticle System (MRS): You can select between red dot, crosshairs, and circle-dot reticule.

Super LED:  Holosun Super LED bulbs provide an incredibly versatile range of illumination intensity.

Multilayer Reflective Glass: The Holosun 407K X2 is equipped with optical-quality glass lenses with multilayer coatings to optimize light transmission and wear resistance while reducing glare and facilitating reduced power requirements. These coatings coatings produce industry-leading reticle intensity, clarity, and battery efficiency.

Lock Mode: When activated, this feature locks the buttons of the sight, preventing accidental setting changes. This is quite important, especially during high-stress or high-movement situations.

Shake Awake: Shake Awake Technology extends battery life by deactivating the sight’s LED while not in use. A sensitive motion sensor detects motion, keeping the LED powered on during use.  When your firearm is stored, the motion sensor will detect a motionlessness state. After 10 minutes of no motion, the LED automatically turns off until motion is again detected. Shake Awake provides settings from 10 minutes to 12 hours. To reactivate, simply touch the sight.

Great Inclusions: When you purchase a Holosun 407K X2, you’ll get the following: The 407k red dot sight, CR1632 battery, user manual, lens cleaning cloth, adjustment tool, and screws with pre-applied blue Locktite.

Cons of the Holosun 407K X2

While it’s true that the Holosun 407k X2 has many benefits, it’s also important to consider its potential drawbacks.

  1. Price: High-quality optics often come with a higher price tag. Depending on your budget, the cost of the Holosun 407k x2 might be a consideration.
  2. Smaller Window Sight: This may be inconvenient for shooters who are used to larger optics. This could potentially impact quick target acquisition, especially in high-pressure situations.
  3. Adapter Requirement: The 407k X2 is compatible with several models, but it may require a milled slide or adapter plate for use with other firearms. .
  4. Battery Dependency: While the battery life of Holosun optics is often impressive, there is always a reliance on batteries. Some users may prefer optics with a dual power source (battery and solar) for added reliability.

How Does the Holosun 407k x2 Perform in Real World Conditions

The Holosun 407k X2 excels in the field. Let’s see why it’s always reliable and ready for action.

Battery Life and Efficiency

The Holosun 407k X2 truly excels in terms of battery life and efficiency. It’s powered by a long-lasting CR1632 battery with a 50K hour battery life thanks to its Super LED and Shake Awake technologies that maximize brightness while conserving battery power.

This optic also offers multiple brightness settings, allowing users to easily adjust the reticle’s illumination to suit their surroundings, even when wearing gloves.

Brightness Settings and Adaptability

The brightness settings of the Holosun 407k X2 are highly adaptable and perform exceptionally well in various real-world conditions. With its Super LED technology, multi-reflective glass, and multiple reticule system, this optic ensures maximum brightness and offers multiple settings for quick adjustments to accommodate changing light levels or environments.

This adaptability is particularly beneficial for users in the field where light conditions can change rapidly. Even with gloves on, it’s effortless to change settings on the 407k X2, making it a reliable companion for law enforcement or outdoor enthusiasts.

Durability and Resistance to Environmental Factors

The Holosun 407k X2 is incredibly durable. The housing of this optic is crafted from 7075 T6 aluminum, making it not only sturdy but also highly resilient against harsh outdoor elements. Its durability is further enhanced with a waterproof rating of IP67, preventing water from coming in even if immersed. 

Even in high-intensity scenarios, its compact and lightweight design ensures that it doesn’t compromise the balance or performance of the firearm. It maintains its efficiency and precision across a wide range of temperatures and lighting conditions.

Shake Awake Feature and Motion Sensor Technology

The Shake Awake feature and motion sensor technology of the Holosun 407k X2 greatly improve its practical performance in real-world situations. This advanced technology keeps the sight in a dormant state until it detects movement; this helps conserve battery life.

When you draw your firearm, the sight automatically activates, providing a clear reticle immediately. The sight is ready to use, eliminating the need for manual activation.

In fast-paced real-world conditions, these features excel. Whether it’s used in law enforcement or self-defense scenarios, the 407k X2 proves to be reliable, instantly activating at the first sign of motion. Its quick response time gives users a crucial advantage.

Reticle Options and Customization

The Holosun 407k X2 offers a wide range of reticle customization options that give users precision and adaptability.

The reticle features a 6 MOA dot in red for easy visibility, better marking, and accurate aiming.

Even in challenging outdoor conditions, the 6 MOA dot remains visible and doesn’t get lost as easily as a smaller 2 MOA dot.

The Holosun 407k X2 allows for multiple brightness settings, enabling quick adjustments based on the environment. Users have reported that changing settings, even with gloves, is effortless.

Optics Materials and Scratch-resistant Coating

The Holosun 407k X2 is built with durable and scratch-resistant housing made from 7075 T6 aluminum for exceptional strength, ensuring the sight can withstand regular use without succumbing to wear and tear.

The lens of the Holosun 407k X2 is crafted from high-quality glass. To enhance its performance, the lens has multi-layer coatings that improve light transmission and reduce glare. 

The Holosun 407k X2 features a scratch-resistant coating on its lens, offering an extra layer of protection. This coating allows the optic to maintain its clarity even in harsh environments, making it a reliable choice for shooting ranges and tactical situations. 

Installing and Using the Holosun 407k x2

The Holosun 407k x2 is easy to install and zero. We’ll discuss how to set up and zero this optic, as well as how to integrate it with pistol optics using the RMS-C footprint.

Setting Up the Holosun 407k x2

Setting up and zeroing the Holosun 407k X2 is a simple process that even beginners can easily follow.

  1. Ensure Firearm Safety
    • Unload your firearm and make sure it is completely safe before proceeding with installation.
  2. Select the Mounting System
    • Choose the appropriate mounting system for your firearm. The Holosun 407k x2 may come with a specific mounting solution or be compatible with various mounting options.
  3. Mounting Plate Installation
    • If your firearm has a slide cut or mounting system that requires a separate plate, install the mounting plate onto the firearm’s slide.
  4. Attach the Red Dot Sight
    • Place the Holosun 407k x2 onto the mounting plate or directly onto the firearm’s slide, depending on the specific design.
  5. Secure the Sight
    • Use the provided screws or fasteners to secure the red dot sight in place. Ensure that the sight is firmly attached but avoid over-tightening to prevent damage.
  6. Tighten and Lock
    • Once you’ve achieved the desired zero, ensure that all screws are securely tightened to prevent any movement during firearm use.
  7. Function Check
    • Perform a function check by cycling the slide and ensuring that the red dot remains on target. Check for any issues with the sight’s activation or performance.
  8. Verify Battery and Brightness Settings
    • Confirm that the battery is properly installed, and adjust the brightness settings as needed for your shooting environment.

Zeroing the Holosun 407k x2

Zeroing the Holosun 407k x2 on your firearm involves aligning the point of impact with the reticle. 

  1. Set Up a Stable Shooting Platform
    • Place your firearm on a stable rest or use a shooting bench to minimize movement.
  2. Adjust Windage and Elevation
    • Fire a few rounds at a target, aiming at the center.
    • Observe where the shots impact in relation to the point of aim.
    • Use the windage and elevation adjustment screws on the Holosun 407k x2 to move the reticle to the point of impact.
  3. Make Incremental Adjustments
    • Make small, incremental adjustments rather than large ones. Each click of the adjustment screws corresponds to a specific distance at the target.
  4. Shoot and Repeat
    • Fire additional rounds, making adjustments as needed, until the point of impact aligns with the point of aim.
  5. Check for Consistency
    • Ensure that your adjustments are consistent. If there’s a pattern in the shots (e.g., consistently low and to the right), make adjustments accordingly.
  6. Confirm Zero at Different Distances
    • Verify your zero at various distances to ensure consistency across different shooting scenarios.
  7. Lock Down Screws
    • Once you’ve achieved the desired zero, ensure that the windage and elevation adjustment screws are securely tightened to prevent movement.

Compatible Firearms

This optic is designed to fit perfectly on the Sig P322, P365X, P365X Macro, P365XL, P365-380, and Mossberg 940 Tactical. For other pistols or rifles, you’ll need a milled slide or adapter plate to ensure a proper fit.

Installing the Holosun 407k x2 is a straightforward process. Start by ensuring that your firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition. Then, align the sight with the mounting holes and securely tighten the screws. It’s important to know the mounting footprint of your handgun to ensure a seamless fit.

Despite its compact size, the Holosun 407k x2 delivers exceptional performance, making it a versatile choice for a variety of firearms.


Our Pick
HOLOSUN HS407K-X2 Classic Reflex Red Dot Only Sight

Verdict: Professionals and enthusiasts alike appreciate its real-world capabilities, whether compared to other Holosun optics or different brands

  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Shake Awake
  • Great Incluusions
  • Price
  • Battery
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The Holosun 407k X2 is a top choice for firearm optics. It offers a range of impressive features, long battery life, and precise performance. Professionals and enthusiasts alike appreciate its real-world capabilities, whether compared to other Holosun optics or different brands.

The installation process is easy, making it a popular option in the market. If you’re looking for a new optic, the Holosun 407k X2 is definitely worth considering.

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