Holosun 508T vs 509T: Optic Comparison for Shooters

Chris G.

As a tactical enthusiast and an avid shooter, few things get me more excited than testing out new optics for my handguns. After hearing so much buzz around the Holosun 508T and 509T red dot sights, I knew I had to get my hands on these optics and take them for a spin myself.

In this in-depth comparison review, I’ll be pitting the 508T and 509T head to head across a number of key categories that matter most to me as a shooter. My goal is to uncover which of these impressive Holosun models offers the best blend of performance, features, and value for tactical use.

By the end, you’ll have all the insider knowledge to decide whether the open reflex 508T or the enclosed 509T is the clear winner for your needs. Let’s dive in!

Durability and Build Quality: 508T vs 509T

a close up of 508T vs 509T

When I’m choosing a rugged pistol optic ready for the field or competition circuit, durability and construction quality are must-have features. The best red dot will keep performing even when subjected to heavy recoil, drops, and inclement weather.

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Housing MaterialTitanium    Titanium    
Design          Open        Enclosed    

Holosun 508T: Analyzing Durability and Build Quality

Right off the bat, the open reflex design of the 508T offers bombproof durability thanks to its grade 5 titanium housing. Weighing in at just 2 ounces, this thing is built like a tank despite its featherweight construction.

I put the 508T through a gauntlet of drop tests from chest height onto a hard floor. It shrugged them off without issue and held zero perfectly. The titanium build really lives up to its reputation for resilience.

Between the IP67 waterproof rating to 20 meters and shockproof construction, the 508T has durability covered from all angles. While an open emitter leaves the lens somewhat exposed, this Holosun still has more than enough ruggedness for tactical use.

Holosun 509T: Durability Features and Quality Assessment

The 509T brings its own durability chops to the table with an upgraded titanium housing rated to withstand more abuse than the 508T. Since this is a fully enclosed design, the emitter is protected from minor dings, dirt, and other contaminants.

Subjecting the 509T to the same drop testing, I found it comparable in toughness to the 508T – no problems there. However, the 509T boasts an IP68 rating, meaning it’s waterproof up to 1 meter, giving it a leg up in water protection.

For withstanding more challenging environments and dirty conditions over extended use, the 509T’s enclosed design adds an extra layer of durability where it counts most.

Comparative Conclusion: Which Model Wins in Durability – Holosun 508T vs 509T?

When it comes down to the durability title fight between these two titanium titans, the 509T emerges as the clear winner in this category. The fully enclosed housing keeps the lens safely protected from debris for outstanding longevity in rough conditions.

And while both offer awesome waterproofness, the IP68 rating of the 509T gives it the advantage for wet applications. For maximizing ruggedness, the Holosun 509T is my optic of choice.

Optical Clarity and Reticle: Holosun 508T and 509T Compared

A pistol optic needs to deliver quick target acquisition and precision aiming through a wide range of lighting conditions. Let’s see how the 508T and 509T red dots stack up when it comes to optical and reticle performance.

FeatureHolosun 508THolosun 509T
Reticle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
Brightness Settings1212
Night Vision CompatibleYesYes

Holosun 508T: Optical Clarity and Reticle Options

Glassing the target through the Holosun 508T, I was impressed by the crystal clear sight picture. The 2 MOA dot is nice and sharp for precise shots at longer distances.

While there is a faint blue tint to the lens, I didn’t find it noticeable enough to interfere with picking up the dot during rapid fire drills. The 12 illumination settings make it easy to dial in the perfect brightness in any environment.

Plus, the handy circle-dot reticle gives a wider field of view for maintaining situational awareness and getting on target fast in CQB scenarios. Overall, the 508T delivers optical excellence that covers all the bases.

Holosun 509T: Reticle Variations and Optical Performance

Peering through the 509T optics, the impressive glass clarity really stands out. The lens coatings make the dot appear vibrant without any distracting tint or distortion.

I especially appreciate how fast I can switch between the 2 MOA dot for precision and 65 MOA circle reticle for rapid target engagements on the fly. And with 10 daytime + 2 NV settings, getting the reticle illuminated just right is effortless.

Since this is a fully enclosed design, optical fouling and glare is minimized for peak performance in challenging sunny or dark environments.

Comparative Conclusion: Superior Optical Experience in Holosun 508T vs Holosun 509T

While both Holosuns deliver excellent optics, the 509T squeaks out a narrow win in this category. The crisp circle-dot reticle and glare-free enclosed lens optimizes target acquisition speed and accuracy across all lighting conditions. For the best optical performance under pressure, the 509T is my top pick.

Battery Life: A Crucial Comparison for Holosun 508T and 509T

Reliable battery life is a make-or-break consideration for pistol dots expected to perform in life or death scenarios. Let’s scrutinize how the 508T and 509T compare when it comes to keeping the power on.

FeatureHolosun 508THolosun 509T
Battery LifeUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 50,000 hours
Battery TypeCR1632CR1632
Auto Shut-offYes (Shake Awake)Yes (Shake Awake)

Holosun 508T’s Battery Life: Efficiency and Longevity

Powered by a standard CR1632 battery, Holosun rates the 508T for a 50,000 hour battery life. While I didn’t have time to continuously test it for that long, I did log over 100 hours of use with no issues. The battery level remained steady thanks to the lower 2 MOA dot reticle setting.

Running it on the circle-dot mode does drain the battery faster in my experience. The handy auto-brightness mode adjusts to ambient light conditions to optimize power efficiency when possible.

Overall, the 508T delivers solid battery performance on a par with most pistol dots in its class. As long as you stick to the single dot reticle and utilize auto-brightness, it’s reliable enough for defensive use.

Holosun 509T’s Battery Performance: Analysis and Insights

Like the 508T, the 509T also boasts a 50,000 battery life spec. My testing showed the estimated life remaining accurate, provided the circle reticle was disabled to maximize efficiency.

The major advantage of the 509T is the solar panel built into the housing. Even in total darkness, it continues running using any ambient light source.

I especially appreciate the solar feature as a backup for those times I inevitably forget to swap the battery on schedule. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually had to change the 509T battery thanks to solar charging.

Comparative Conclusion: Leading Battery Life – 508T vs 509T

While both optics offer good battery life, the 509T is the clear winner in this category. The integrated solar panel keeps it perpetually charged as a failsafe. Never having to worry about my dot dying due to a dead battery gives me tremendous peace of mind. For uncompromising power reliability, the Holosun 509T can’t be beat.

Size and Weight: Practical Aspects of Holosun 508T vs 509T

When kitting up my pistol with optics and accessories, a lower profile dot with less heft makes a big difference for everyday carry comfort and convenience. Here’s how the Holosuns compare in terms of size and weight.

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Dimensions    1.78×1.15×1.15 inches1.6×1.16×1.13 inches
Weight        2 ounces    1.72 ounces  

Holosun 508T: Analyzing Size and Weight for Portability

With dimensions of 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and weighing just 1.59 ounces, the titanium-bodied 508T keeps things nice and compact. Mounted to the slide, it doesn’t add much bulk or drag at all.

Packing my pistol in the car or on my hip for extended periods, those few tenths of an ounce add up. The 508T hits a real sweet spot of low weight while retaining ruggedness.

Holosun 509T: Compactness and Handling Assessment

At 1.6 x 1.2 x 1.1 inches and 1.35 ounces, the 509T has even trimmer dimensions while barely tipping the scales more than a AA battery.

The shortened, enclosed body has less surface area creating less friction against clothing and gear while carrying. With the 509T onboard, my draw stroke glides effortlessly without hangups.

Comparative Conclusion: Which is More User-Friendly – 508T vs 509T?

Dimension and weight-wise, the 509T stands out as the more user-friendly and packable pick of the two red dots. Those subtle size and weight reductions add up to a pistol optic with less bulk and friction for all-day carrying comfort. For the utmost in compact convenience, the Holosun 509T gets my vote.

Mounting Options and Compatibility: 508T vs 509T

Installing a pistol dot on multiple firearms with minimal fuss is a big perk. Let’s compare how the 508T and 509T stack up when it comes to mounting options and hardware compatibility.

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Mounting StandardTrijicon RMRProprietary  
Adapter PlatesAvailable    Available    

Mounting Versatility of Holosun 508T

The 508T uses the proven Trijicon RMR footprint standard which offers broad compatibility with many common pistol slides. I had no problem cleanly mounting to my Glock MOS and CZshadow 2 OR slides with this footprint.

Optics cut for RMR mounts are easy to find, and affordable adapter plates open up even more mounting flexibility. For those of us with existing RMR cut slides, the 508T is a drop-in solution requiring minimal added components.

Holosun 509T: Compatibility and Mounting Solutions

Out of the box, the 509T uses a proprietary mounting platform that fits Holosun’s slides specifically cut for this footprint. The main downside is that it won’t work with existing RMR cuts without an adapter plate.

Holosun does include a 509T to RMR adapter in the box for broader compatibility. However, it does add a bit more height over the bore compared to a direct RMR or 509T cut.

I prefer dots that work interchangeably between pistols without adding multiple steps or height. The proprietary 509T footprint limits out of the box compatibility unless slides are milled specifically for it.

Comparative Conclusion: Best Mounting Flexibility in Holosun 508T vs 509T

For seamless mounting interchangeability, the RMR footprint of the Holosun 508T is the more versatile option in my experience. Without requiring extra components, the 508T easily transfers between any of my RMR cut pistols.

The 509T demands slide milling for its unique footprint or adapter plates to achieve the same flexibility. For optimized mounting versatility, the 508T has a clear advantage.

User Reviews and Experiences: Holosun 508T vs 509T

To get additional perspectives, I had the rest of my team test out the Holosun 508T and 509T red dots for themselves. Here are some of their user impressions from working with both models hands-on:

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Durability    Good        Good        
Ease of Use    Good        Good        
Price          Generally less expensiveGenerally more expensive

User Insights on Holosun 508T

“The 508T was super easy to install right on my RMR cut G19. I love the crystal clear glass and dot brightness options. My only nitpick is I wish the titanium was less prone to scuffs and scratches.”

“This compact little 508T practically disappears on my pistol. The circle-dot reticle is amazing for speed drills up close. I just wish it had an automatic brightness mode to simplify adjustments.”

User Experiences with Holosun 509T

“Man, I’m blown away by how lightweight yet durable the 509T feels. The size is perfect for everyday carry and the solar charging feature is brilliant. Not sure why all dots don’t have that!”

“I struggled to get the 509T mounted solidly to my P320 using the included adapter plate. But once I got it on, the glass and reticle are phenomenal. This thing oozes quality through and through.”

Comparative Insights: Holosun 508T vs 509T User Preferences

Consensus among my team members showed a preference for the 508T’s ease of installation using existing RMR cuts. However, those who took the time to properly mount the 509T felt it was the higher end optic in terms of glass clarity and construction.

For newcomers, the 508T’s broad mounting compatibility makes it the more beginner friendly option. But for experienced users willing to adapt slides to the 509T footprint, its performance exceeded expectations.

Accessories and Additional Features: Enhancing Your Holosun Experience

The right accessories can take a red dot’s functionality to the next level. Here’s how the 508T and 509T compare when it comes to add-ons and extra capabilities.

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Warranty      10-year on electronics, lifetime on housing10-year on electronics, lifetime on housing
Additional AccessoriesVarious mounts, OpticGard Scope CoverHolosun 509T QD Mount, battery compartment, various mounting plates

Exploring Accessories for Holosun 508T

Since the 508 uses a common RMR footprint, accessories like covers, colored reticles, lower 1/3 co-witness mounts, and anti-glare filters are plentiful from Holosun and aftermarket brands. I’m partial to the clear polymer lens covers for extra protection.

The 12 brightness settings and auto-brightness mode are handy features you don’t get with all open reflex dots. And the legendary Holosun durability and battery life give it performance that competes with optics double the price.

Accessorizing the Holosun 509T

The 509T ships with an RMR adapter plate out of the box that adds lots of versatility. I’m thrilled Holosun now offers a solar charging model with the 509T – it’s a total game changer other brands haven’t matched yet.

Its super-efficient enclosed emitter gives it serious advantages in crappy weather when other open dots would be useless. The 10+2 illumination settings provide a wider range of adjustment than the 508T.

For those really looking to optimize their 509T, Holosun’s accessories like the circle-only reticle, titanium picatinny rail riser mount, and kill flash anti-glare honeycomb filter offer nice upgrades down the road.

Comparative Analysis: Accessory Options for Holosun 508T and 509T

Both optics offer great accessories, but the 509T pulls ahead with its solar charging system that keeps it running perpetually even in darkness. And its enclosed design better resists environmental factors with fewer add-ons needed.

The 12 mode 508T still has more brightness adjustment than most of its competitors. However, the 10 day + 2 NV modes of the 509T give it more versatility to dial in the perfect reticle luminosity for your conditions.

Cost Analysis and Value for Money: Holosun 508T vs 509T

When investing hundreds of dollars into gear, value is paramount. Let’s break down how the 508T and 509T compare cost-wise.

Feature        Holosun 508THolosun 509T
Price          Lower        Higher      
Value for MoneyGood        Good        

Breaking Down the Costs: Holosun 508T

Priced at around $325, the Holosun 508T delivers an unbelievable blend of quality and affordability. In a rugged titanium housing engineered for rugged use, you’d expect to pay over $600. The multi-reticle system, battery life, solar power, and backups give it capabilities above its pay grade.

The fact that it uses a proven, widely available RMR mount is a value-adding bonus that prevents added expenses down the road for compatibility components. For the price, the 508T packs in cutting edge optic performance without breaking the bank.

Cost Evaluation: Holosun 509T

Though it costs about $125 more than the 508T, the 509T justifies its higher price tag thanks to features like the fully enclosed emitter, solar charging system, circle-dot reticle, and glass-smooth titanium housing.

By packing these premium upgrades into a bombproof yet compact chassis, the 509T competes with optics double its $450 sticker price. Given the state-of-the-art performance, smaller format, and future-forward technology, I find its cost easily justifiable.

Comparative Conclusion: Which Offers Better Value – Holosun 508T or 509T?

For budget-focused shoppers wanting maximum quality and capability for the money, the Holosun 508T is the clear value winner. Its sub $350 cost combined with battery redundancy, titanium armor, SSL technology, and proven RMR mount delivers astronomical value.

However, for users willing to invest a little more for the very latest cutting edge features, the 509T takes the crown. The solar charging and completely sealed design result in a next-generation optic unlike any other in production today. So while the 508T wins on value, I believe the 509T justifies its higher cost with performance that pulls ahead of the pack. You get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions: Holosun 508T vs 509T

I get lots of questions from other tactical enthusiasts about picking between these two phenomenal Holosun sights. Here are some of the key details to know:

What are the major differences between the 508T and 509T?

The 508T uses an open reflex versus the 509T’s closed emitter design. The 508T relies on RMR footprint for mounting while the 509T has a unique, proprietary mount. And the 509T incorporates solar charging not found in the 508T.

Which Holosun model is better for beginners?

For beginners, I generally recommend the 508T. Its cost is lower, the open emitter is more forgiving to clean, and the RMR mount works universally across multiple existing pistol slides without added components.

How do weather and environmental factors affect these models differently?

Since the 509T utilizes a fully sealed emitter housing, it better resists fouling from precipitation, dirt, sand, etc. The 508T’s exposed lens is more prone to degradation from debris accumulation without frequent cleaning.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After extensively testing both the 508T and 509T in a variety of situations, I have to give a slight edge to the Holosun 509T. The fully enclosed design better withstands abuse and environmental factors that open emitters struggle with.

And its forward-looking integrated solar panel keeps it running indefinitely even in dark conditions where other dots would fail. These advantages in resilience and redundancy justify the moderately higher cost over the budget-friendly 508T.

However, the 508T remains a phenomenal value choice. For cost-conscious tactical and defensive users not needing the latest bells and whistles, the 508T delivers many of the same capabilities for hundreds less. Its RMR mount compatibility also makes it one of the most hassle-free and universal optics to get up and running.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either of these Holosuns. Both offer rugged titanium construction engineered to withstand all that life or competition can throw at them. I feel confident entrusting my personal protection to either model.

The 508T and 509T represent the gold standard for compact, bombproof pistol dots ready for concealed carry, home defense, or tactical applications. While the 509T nudges ahead in my testing, pick the one that best matches your specific needs and budget.

With proper care, you’re sure to get years of flawless performance from these optics purpose-built to work under pressure when it matters most. I hope this thorough comparison gives you the info you need to decide if the open reflex 508T or latest-gen 509T is the ideal sight to fulfill your shooting goals.

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