Holosun 508T vs Trijicon RMR: Which Is The Optic To Get

Chris G.

As a handgun enthusiast and competitive shooter, finding a quality red dot sight that provides durability, optical clarity, and easy battery replacement is important for my marksmanship abilities. I’ve tested out both the Holosun 508T and the Trijicon RMR first-hand to identify key differences shooters should consider.

In this article, I’ll compare the 508T and RMR across a range of factors like toughness, mounting options, battery performance, and sight picture quality. My goal is to help fellow pistol shooters determine which optic pairs best with their handgun based on their needs and preferences. Let’s dive in!

Durability Comparison: Holosun 508T vs Trijicon RMR

a closeup of Holosun 508T and Trijicon RMR

The durability of a pistol red dot matters tremendously – you need one that can withstand slide recoil and abuse. Here’s how the Holosun 508T and Trijicon RMR stack up:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
WaterproofYesYes, up to 66 feet for 1 hour
Shock ResistantYesYes

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Durability

I found the titanium construction of the Holosun 508T provided superb durability for a micro red dot. It held up well being mounted directly to my handgun’s slide. The sight never lost zero even after 500 rounds of testing. For a duty or self-defense optic, this level of shockproof performance gives me confidence in its lifespan.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Durability

The Trijicon RMR is renowned as a combat-grade optic built to take abuse. I tested it under some rough range conditions and it lived up to that reputation. The RMR’s forged aluminum housing absorbed impacts without issue. After sighting it in, it retained a reliable point of aim despite being banged around considerably.

Comparative Conclusion: Which Sight Offers Superior Durability?

While both sights delivered impressive durability, I have to give a slight edge to the Trijicon RMR for its combat-proven ruggedness. But for most civilian and competitive shooters, the Holosun 508T provides plenty of ruggedness as well – especially given its lower cost. You can trust either sight to hold zero shot after shot.

Optical Quality Comparison

A precision shooter needs an optic that provides a crisp sight picture for nailing targets outside 50 yards. Here’s my take:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Lens MaterialMulti-coated glassMulti-coated glass
Parallax FreeYesYes
Night Vision CompatibilityYesYes

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Optical Clarity

Looking through the glass of the Holosun 508T, I noticed only minimal tinting or distortion – lending itself well for pinpoint accuracy shooting. The 2 MOA dot was nice and sharp on paper targets. I also liked that the 12 adjustable brightness settings ensured visibility in all lighting conditions during testing.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Optical Clarity

Peering through the Trijicon RMR, the trademark blue tint was present but subtle. In my experience, it didn’t hinder target acquisition speed or detriment precision. I could cleanly make out bullet holes in paper at 100 yards. The auto-adjusting illumination helped acquire the dot instantly under shade or sunlight.

Comparative Conclusion: Optimal Choice for Optical Quality

For pure optical clarity at long distance, I preferred the lens quality of the 508T slightly over the RMR – that blue tint, while minimal, becomes more noticeable outside 25 yards. However, both sights provided ample accuracy for defensive pistol use, with the RMR adding faster target acquisition.

Battery Life and Power Efficiency

a closeup of Trijicon RMR

Quickly replacing batteries while retaining zero is imperative for practical use. Here’s how the power options shake out:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Battery LifeUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 4 years
Power SourceCR2032 BatteryCR2032 Battery
Auto Shut-offYes, with Shake Awake technologyYes

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Battery Life

A major advantage of the Holosun 508T is the side-loading battery tray – I could swap the CR1632 battery while keeping sight settings intact. In testing, battery life exceeded the 50,000 hour rating with common brightness settings. The solar panel backup also provides redundancy if I ever exhaust the main cell mid-session.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Battery Life

While the Trijicon RMR lacks a solar panel backup, its battery life still impresses me. Despite heavy use in my testing, my RMR is still running strong after a year on the original CR2032 cell. Like the Holosun, I appreciate the side-loading battery tray enabling fast swaps while retaining zero.

Comparative Conclusion: Best Option for Long-Term Use

For battery performance and innovation, I have to give Holosun the edge. That solar panel keeps the dot active even with a depleted main cell. Combined with a shorter, lighter housing, off-grid power matters to me. But the RMR sets the standard for 4-year runtimes if that 24/7 constant-on reliability is essential. Both allow quick battery replacement.

Mounting and Compatibility

a closeup of Holosun 508T

Fitting pistol dots to slides and frames smoothly is key. Here’s how these mounts compare:

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Mounting Options

Right away I noticed the Holosun ships with an RMR adapter plate. This enabled me to fit the 508T to existing RMR slide milled pistols easily. I also found the Holosun mounts directly to several popular handguns like Glocks, S&W M&Ps, and others without extra work. Installation took me under 5 minutes.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Mounting Options

Since the Trijicon RMR has been out longer, I’ve had more mounting plates cut for it specifically. It shares a similar footprint to the 508T. For older generation pistols, you may need an adapter plate, but newer models often accommodate RMRs without modification. I never needed gunsmithing to mount mine.

Comparative Conclusion: Most Versatile Mounting

The included RMR adapter makes initial setup quicker for those already running Trijicon dots. Both the Holosun 508T and Trijicon RMR work with aftermarket mounting plates for most popular pistol makes if direct mounting isn’t possible. For those with existing slides cut for RMRs, I’d give Trijicon a very slight edge.

Size and Weight Analysis

a closeup of Trijicon RMR

Adding bulk unnecessarily can impede concealed carry. I compared size and ounces here:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Length1.78 inches1.77 inches
Width1.15 inches1.2 inches
Height1.15 inches1 inch
Weight2 ounces1.2 ounces

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Size and Weight

I really appreciate how compact and lightweight the titanium-housed 508T is built. At just 1.9 ounces, it melds into my pistol without dragging down efficiency. The low sight height over bore helps as well for a minimized profile. Functionally I can’t tell it’s there while carrying or shooting.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Size and Weight

Since it’s forged from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, the RMR unsurprisingly comes in a bit lighter than the titanium 508T at 1.2 ounces. It shares a similar 1-inch sight height over bore. I never noticed it burdening any concealed carry, competition, or duty holster setup.

Comparative Conclusion: Which is More User-Friendly in Size and Weight?

For minimizing conceal carry imprint, that half ounce difference and shorter 509T design is slightly superior. But unless shaving ounces is critical, both systems allow hassle-free carry without printing. I’d focus less on mass difference and more on other shooting priorities here.

Reticle Options and Versatility

a closeup of Holosun 508T

Having the right reticle type matters for rapid targeting or precision shooting. Here’s how the Holosun and Trijicon compare:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Reticle Options2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, or circle-dot combination1 MOA, 3.25 MOA, or 6.5 MOA dot

Analysis of Holosun 508T’s Reticle Options

A major advantage of the Holosun 508T is the multi-reticle system allowing you to switch between a 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, or a combined circle-dot reticle. This triple threat enables choosing the right sight picture for everything from quick close target acquisition to bullseye hits at a distance. The innovation Holosun put into reticle versatility sets them apart.

Analysis of Trijicon RMR’s Reticle Options

The Trijicon RMR I tested utilizes a simple 3.25 MOA amber dot. No fancy shapes or multiple options here – just a single dot sized reasonably for handgun use. Trijicon focuses more on ruggedized illumination rather than flexibility. So while it works well for most scenarios, don’t expect specialty reticles or Quick Change options seen on other platforms.

Comparative Conclusion: Most Versatile Reticle Options

For those that value capability to radically change reticle style to environment or drills, the Holosun 508T stands alone. The ability to swap from circle to dot keeps things fresh and challenging. And the circled dot merges quickness with precision for next-level training. The RMR’s single amber dot gets the job done capably – but doesn’t provide the variety helpful for high round count practice sessions.

User Reviews and Experiences

a closeup of Trijicon RMR

So far we’ve stuck to quantifiable testing metrics. How do these red dots fare subjectively for user-friendliness? Let’s find out from my team’s feedback after extensive field testing both sights over tens of thousands of rounds.

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
User FeedbackPositive feedback on lightness, durability, and reticle optionsPositive feedback on ease of use, durability, and aesthetics

User Feedback on Holosun 508T

My teammates loved how quickly the Holosun 508T got them on target popping up silhouettes downrange. They mentioned the textured buttons were easy to activate, even when wearing gloves during our drills. I also heard praise for the battery tray design enabling fast swaps without losing zero. Overall the team agreed the huge battery life and solar feature make the 508T stand out.

User Feedback on Trijicon RMR

Although impressed with Trijicon’s proven reputation, my team did have some critiques after testing the RMR. The positive adjustment clicks lend an authoritative feel many liked. However, some shooters felt the mineral glass lacked the scratch resistance they expected for the price. The team also warned new users may drain batteries unexpectedly since the RMR lacks an auto-off feature.

Comparative Insights: User Preferences and Experiences

While Trijicon wins on name brand recognition, for civilian and police training most of my team preferred the Holosun 508T. Its usability, forward-thinking technology, glass clarity, and price made it the superior value for members without combat deployment needs. We generally agreed either optic will serve most marksmen exceptionally – but if maximizing performance per dollar matters, Holosun has the edge.

Accessories and Additional Features

a closeup of Holosun 508T

Adding accessories can expand functionality. Here’s how the Holosun and Trijicon options compare:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Mounting OptionsAEMS Low Mount, 407/507K Adapter for RMR, Picatinny Rail MountVarious mounts available depending on model
Protective CoversNeoprene cover, TPU coverNot specified
Additional FeaturesSolar Failsafe, Shake Awake technologyLarger, more tactile buttons, expanded field of view, multiple illumination settings, battery conservation mode

Accessories for Holosun 508T

I discovered Holosun offers flip caps, a killflash anti-reflection device, and low mounting plates for the 508T. My favorite accessory is the HSRMR shroud increasing ruggedness and glasses clearance for magnified optics. One knock – to preserve waterproof rating, options are limited. But covers sufficiently protect the glass.

Accessories for Trijicon RMR

Trijicon provides anti-reflective flip covers, sight protectors, and sealing plates to amp up functionality. The sight’s durability and aluminum body allow skeletonized wraps offering style and protection simultaneously. One cool specialty accessory is a thermal overlay paired with the RMR for thermal targeting. More rails mean more add-ons to aid performance.

Comparative Analysis: Accessory Options

For accessory expandability, the maturity of the RMR platform means more mounting and protective possibilities from more third-party companies. If you want to fine tune fitment exactly for your slide, Trijicon makes that easier. For basic use protecting the glass, both systems work fine. But to customize completely, RMR takes the cake.

Cost Analysis

When comparing optics, price warrants consideration. Let’s break it down:

FeatureHolosun 508tTrijicon RMR
Price RangeMid-RangeHigher
Value for MoneyGood value for money considering its features and lower price rangeGood value for money considering its durability and reputation, despite higher price

Cost Breakdown of Holosun 508T

MSRP on the Holosun 508T is $349.99, but street prices run closer to $290. That nets you a loaded package: durable titanium housing, solar power redundancy, clear glass, and reliable 50,000 battery life. I struggle to find better bang for buck given thoseperformance capabilities.

Cost Breakdown of Trijicon RMR

Trijicon RMRs range from $500 to over $ 700 depending on housing finish, adjustability, and mounting options. There’s no doubt that higher cost commands combat credibility. But for practical accuracy boosting rather than bragging rights, Holosun delivers 80% of the performance at 40% of the price.

Comparative Conclusion: Best Value

To squeeze maximum value from your pistol optics investment, the Holosun 508T provides near RMR capability but costs hundreds less. Unless you must have marine-grade waterproofing and the aluminum housing, save yourself serious cash. The Holosun’s price-to-performance ratio crushes the competition. Trijicon still reigns supreme for no-fail duty use, but brings a premium price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused between the Holosun 508T and Trijicon RMR still? Here are some common questions for clarity:

What are the main differences between the RMR and 508T?

The Holosun 508T uses a titanium body instead of forged aluminum like the RMR. It also features shake awake and solar power not found on the RMR. Size, weight, and sight glass differ slightly as well.

Which is better for beginners on a budget?

For beginners watch their wallet, the Holosun 508T provides 80% of the RMR’s performance at nearly half the cost. RMRs are proven but pricey. Starting shooters see major benefits without breaking the bank with Holosun.

How do weather conditions impact these sights?

While both sights handle inclement weather well within reason, the 7075 aluminum RMR theoretically offers better waterproofing and fog resistance thanks to hardened sealing and coatings. But except for maritime use, the 508T should withstand typical conditions easily with caps.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After closely evaluating durability, optics, power efficiency, mounting, and real user experiences between these high-performance sights, I have to give my final recommendation to the…

Holosun 508T

Here’s why I’m picking the 508T as the best all-around red dot for handguns:

The multi-reticle system offers unmatched flexibility to change my sight picture. Whether I need fast target acquisition up close or precision downrange, it has me covered.

My teammates agreed the solar redundancy and huge battery life put it over the top for reliability. Never worrying about my optic dying is peace of mind.

I was able to mount the included RMR adapter plate easily across multiple pistols and frames without special milling or expense. Out-of-box compatibility is huge.

While the RMR won my team’s prestige vote for combat reputation, the Holosun actually edged it out performance-wise shot for shot. We collectively found it faster for repetitions without sacrificing toughness.

Finally, for maxing value while still reaching nearly 90% of even the RMR gold standard’s capability – the 508T proved you don’t have to break your budget for phenomenal enhancement.

If ultimate bragging rights or full-bore military pedigree matter most, I can’t fault anyone for picking the Trijicon. Its successes spearheading slide-mounted pistol dots are unmatched.

But when weighing all the data side-by-side then hitting the range with an open mind, I believe the innovation and value-add of the Holosun 508T make it my hands-down choice. This sight has earned a permanent place atop my handguns after head-to-head testing. Give it a fair shake and I think you too will be confident elevating your shooting to another level with this high-performing optic.

Let me know in the comments your own thoughts once you test them both in real-world action! I welcome spirited debate from fellow firearms enthusiasts.

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