Testing and Ranking 6 Top Red Dot Sights For Hellcat 9mm Pistol

Chris G.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is among the world’s most popular pistols in Springfield’s line. It’s a top-class, rock-solid handgun with an impressive magazine capacity, strong reliability, and a lot of room for modding. This exceptional pistol is designed for everyday carry and delivers near-perfect balance.

The Hellcat has an optic-ready slide designed to accept a small red dot. I’ve done my homework when it comes to red dot sights that perfectly pair with the Hellcat 9mm pistol. This comprehensive review is tailored for those who value the freedom of choice in the finest Hellcat sights.

Best Pistol Red Dot Sights for the Hellcat Pistol

a closeup of Red Dot Sights for Hellcat 9mm Pistol

Each of these red dots brings something special to the Hellcat. For this review, I used my stock Hellcat 9mm pistol. This is one of my favorite pistols, it’s more powerful than other counterparts but remains compact enough for conceal carry and EDC. 

1. HEX Wasp: Best Overall

After shooting quite a few times in the range, I think the HEX Wasp emerges as the superior red dot for the Hellcat 9mm pistol despite its simplicity.

It has an always-on, auto-dimming feature that gives you freedom from constant brightness adjustments. Simply put on the battery, mount it on the Hellcat, and shoot away.

The Wasp is constructed with a focus on low-profile, direct mounting, which simplifies the process of installation and usage. It is made of 6061 T6 Hardcoat aluminum, which makes it durable, shockproof, and waterproof. A cool thing I like is the protruding lens shroud, which adds extra protection to the lens. Side grip serrations allow me to grip the sight firmly and securely.

Of course, it all boils down to the optics, and the HEX Wasp does not disappoint. Its anti-glare glass lens is resistant to scratches, dust, and grease. The brilliant 3.5 MOA dot is perfect for precise targeting for sharpshooting. A single commercially available CR2032 lithium batter will keep the dot shining for 65,000 hours before the battery needs to be changed.

Finally, the added benefit of Springfield’s Micro Footprint and Shield RMSc compatibility makes the HEX Wasp an exemplary choice for the Hellcat 9mm pistol and other optic-ready pistols.


Dot size: 3.5 MOA
Color: Red
Adjustment: .5 MOA
Magnification: 1X
Total Windage and Elevation Adjustment: 90 MOA
Parallax Adjustment: Parallax Free
Battery: 1 CR2032
Battery Life: 65,000 hours
Brightness Adjustment: Automatic
Footprint: Springfield Micro, Shield RMSc
Dimensions (L X W X H): 1.60 X 0.95 X 086 inches
Weight: 0.7 oz
Housing Material: Machined 6061 T6 Hardcoat Aluminum
Waterproofing: IPX7

2. Holosun 507K X2: Multi Reticle

One of my all-time favorite red dot sights is the Holosun 507K X2 due to its many innovations. I turned out to be a perfect match for my Hellcat Pro. 

What’s not to like? For starters, its Solar FailSafe technology ensures that the red dot is powered up even if the battery runs out. The same technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the reticle depending on how much light goes into its solar cell. The Shake Awake technology “wakes up” the red dot once it detects movement.

Another thing I love about the Holosun 507K X2 is its Multiple Reticle System that, by default, presents a 2 MOA dot and 32 MOA circle. I can toggle between these shapes. This feature provides me with adaptability in my shooting approach, enabling prompt adjustments to diverse situations. The multi-reflective, scratch-resistant glass makes the reticle clearer and brighter without sacrificing situational awareness. 

While the Holosun has an auto mode, I find the manual brightness adjustment and night vision settings advantageous, improving my accuracy irrespective of lighting conditions.

The side battery tray is an ingenious addition, simplifying the battery replacement process and eliminating the need to disassemble the entire unit. And of course, the battery itself can power the optic for a very long 50,000 hours.

Even though it requires an adapter plate for mounting to the Hellcat slide, the marginal weight variation when compared to other red dots is barely noticeable. In my opinion, the Holosun 507K X2 red dot is a prime selection for the Hellcat.


Reticle: 2 MOA Dot and 32 MOA Circle
Light Wavelength: 650nm
Reticle Color: Red
Parallax Free: Yes
Unlimited Eye Relief: Yes
Magnification: 1x
Multi-Coatings: Yes
Power Source: Solar and Battery
Battery Type: CR1632
Battery Life: 50,000 hours
Brightness Setting: 10 Daylight and 2 Night-vision compatible
Window Size: 0.63 x 0.91 inches
Dimension: 1.78 x 1.15 x 1.15 inches
Weight: 1.5 oz.
Housing Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Surface Finish: Anodize
Adjustment per Click: 1 MOA
Wind and Elevation Travel Range: ±50 MOA
Submersion Rating: IP67
Vibration: 5000G

3. Swampfox Sentinel: Budget-Friendly Option

With a price range of $279 to around $299, the Swampfox Sentinel comes highly recommended as one of the top red dots for the Hellcat pistol without breaking the bank.

While lightweight and compact, the sight doesn’t scrimp on durability; I can feel its solidness in my hand. This sight, made from tough CNC-machined 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and protected with an anodized coating, can endure harsh elements. 

Another cool thing is that the Sentinel is specifically designed to fit sub-compact pistols (e.g. Hellcat RDP) as well as micro-compact handguns (e.g. Hellcat Micro-Compact). But with a relatively large 16mm x 16mm window, I can have an expansive view for acquiring and tracking the target quicker.​​

Catering to diverse tastes and lighting environments, Swampfox provides a selection of Sentinel models that can provide either red or green illumination. You can also choose between two 10-illumination setting variants—manual or automatic; I have the manual one. My model has large tactile buttons at the front left and right, making brightness adjustments fast and convenient. The automatic variant has a light sensor that automatically adjusts to the right illumination based on the current lighting environment. 

There are two drawbacks to the Sentinel. One, the battery compartment is bottom-loading, so you have to unmount the red dot sight from the firearm when changing batteries. Two, the automatic variant does not have the Shake N’ Wake system and does not allow shut-off.


MOA Adjustment: Dial
Dot Size: 3 MOA
Magnification: 1x
Lens Diameter: 16mm
Illumination Positions: Sentinel-M: 10 / Sentinel-A: Continuous adjustment
Brightness Adjustments: Sentinel-M: Up/Down Digital Press / Sentinel-A: Photosensitive sensor
Shockproof G Forces: 1500Gs
Waterproof: 1 Meter / IPX7-rated
Battery Type: CR 2032
Max Battery Life: approximately 2 years
Dimensions: 1.61 X 0.91 X 0.94 inches
Weight: 0.62 oz
Specialty Coatings: Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Parallax: Parallax free at 33 yards
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Mount Type: RMSc footprint
Chassis: 7075 Aircraft-grade aluminum
Windage/Elevation Movement Range (MOA): +/- 35 MOA/Total 70 MOA Range

4. Trijicon RMRcc: For Professional Shooters

For competitive shooters, I feel the Trijicon RMRcc is the top choice. Specifically designed for concealed carry, this model’s slim build minimizes the risk of snagging and increases the chances of a smooth, fast draw. This shift in design enables you to concentrate on precision rather than its technicals.

But don’t let its size fool you because it’s chock-filled with amazing features. It has a patented housing that deflects blows. User-friendly buttons make field adjustments fast and easy. True-color multi-coated lens allows crystal clear, distraction-free views. That same lens emphasizes the clarity of the 3.25 reticule.

Choosing between a 3.25 or 6.5 MOA dot promotes shooting with both eyes open. 8 brightness settings—2 of which are night vision compatible— ensure I can see the red dot in any lighting condition.

The fast movements and rigorous demands of dynamic competition can inadvertently shift zero adjustments. Fortunately, the RMRcc has lock-in and lock-out buttons that secure settings in both automatic and manual modes.

No wonder the Trijicon RMRcc remains a favorite in law enforcement, military applications, and competitive shooting.


Length x Width x Height: 1.8 in x .95 in x .97 in
Weight: 1 oz. 
Magnification: 1x
Reticle Pattern: 3.25 MOA Dot
Reticle Color: Red
Illumination Source: LED
Illumination Settings: Automatic and 8 Adjustable Settings (6 Daylight and 2 Night Vision compatible)
Power Source: 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life: Over 4 years of continuous use
Adjustment: 1 Tick = 3 MOA
Adjustment Range: 150 MOA Total Travel
Mount: Not included
Housing Material: 7075-T6 forged aluminum
Finish: Matte Black
Submersion Depth: 20 meters

5. Shield RMSc: Best Value

For those seeking a cost-effective red dot for the Hellcat pistol, the Shield RMSc is an excellent choice. Known for its durability, it features a clear, parallax-free polymer optic that can endure shock impacts far exceeding those of glass optics. This robustness makes it a dependable option.

The design includes a no-color filter on the lens, resulting in a sight picture with no color alteration. The sight uses a power-efficient solid-state LED light source and offers two dot-size options: 4 MOA or 8 MOA.

The Shield RMSc has an automatic feature that allows automatic brightness adjustment to the reticle according to ambient lighting. While this is convenient, it’s something that I’m not a fan of. I prefer red dots where I can manually adjust the brightness settings to my liking. 

With an impressive battery life that lasts between 2 to 3 years on regular usage, and even up to 4 years in dark storage, this red dot offers longevity. The battery is loaded from underneath, but an optional battery draw allows the user to change the battery without having to unmount the sight.

Given its price, the Shield RMSc offers a great return on investment.


Light Source: Solid-state Red light emitting diode (LED) 
Red Dot Size Options: 4 MOA dot/8 MOA dot
Lens: Reflex x1 (Available in both Polymer or Glass).
Lens Coating: Hard coating with an anti-reflection no-color coating
Battery: One 3V lithium battery CR2032
Battery Life:  2 to 3 years with average use, 4 years for dark storage
Brightness Adjustment: Automatic and Night Vision Compatible
Housing material: Aluminium
Colour: Matte black
Dimensions (Length x width x height): 1.7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches
Weight: 0.57 ounces 
Mount: Fits existing RMS/SMS mounts.

6. Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro: Great Overall Option

The Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro is a standout choice if you’re searching for cool red dots suited for the Hellcat Pistol. This ultra-compact open reflex sight is specifically designed for compact and subcompact firearms. 

A red 3 MOA aiming dot and a recessed, multi-layered lens contribute to a large, reflection-free, and quick-acquisition window. This design makes lining up targets both swift and easy. It has a notch cut to allow co-witnessing with 

The CT RADIANT™ Ambient Light Sensor is a feature that I find great. It automatically tweaks brightness levels in response to changes in surrounding lighting conditions. The CT MOTION sensor switches the sight on the moment it detects motion.

Installation is a breeze on an optics cut slide with the help of the CT micro™ footprint. However, I’m not too fond of the bottom-loading battery compartment as it requires taking the red dot away from the firearm.

Finally, the CT Micro Footprint makes it compatible with Shield RMS and JPoint footprints.


Platform: Compact and sub-compact pistols
Footprint: CT RAD Micro Footprint
Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
User Adjustable: Windage and Elevation Controls
Battery Life: 20,000 Hours (2+ years)
Battery Access: Bottom Mount
Construction: 7075 Series Aluminum
Water resistance: IPX4 
Co-witness: Notch Cut

Top Features to Look for in the Best Red Dot for Hellcat Pistols

Selecting the right red dot sight for a Hellcat 9mm pistol involves several key considerations. 

  1. Compatibility with Hellcat Pistol: Ensure that the red dot sight is designed for the Hellcat 9mm pistol. Check if the mounting options securely fit the Hellcat’s slide.
  2. Compact and Lightweight Design: Given the compact nature of the Hellcat, choose a lightweight red dot sight that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the pistol. A compact design is essential for maintaining the pistol’s balance and ease of carry.
  3. Durability and Construction: A red dot sight with a rugged and durable construction is ideal. Look for materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and labels such as “waterproof,” “shockproof,” “scratch resistant,” and more.
  4. Battery Life:  A long battery life saves you from worrying about your red dot dying in the midst of an important shooting scenario. Automatic shut-off or auto-brightness features help conserve power when not in use.
  5. Reticle Type and Brightness Settings: Select a red dot sight that aligns with your shooting preferences and style, ensuring it provides various brightness settings to adapt to different lighting conditions.
  6. Easy Windage and Elevation Adjustments: Windage and elevation adjustments should be precise and simple. Toolless adjustments are preferred so you can zero easily in the field.
  7. Lens Clarity and Coating: Coatings such as anti-reflective coatings and multi-coated lenses can provide a clearer sight picture by reducing glare, minimizing color alterations, providing unlimited eye relief, and more.
  8. Quick Target Acquisition: The red dot sight should facilitate quick and easy target tracking and acquisition. A wide field of view and a large objective lens can contribute to faster and more accurate target transitions.

Other Red Dot Options for the Springfield Hellcat 9mm Pistol

The red dot optics I mentioned above are not exhaustive. Here are additional models that might pique your interest:

  1. Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight: The Vortex Crossfire offers a compact design with a 2 MOA red dot reticle. It features a shockproof and waterproof construction, multi-coated lenses for clarity, and an extended battery life.
  2. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: Known for its durability, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro boasts a versatile 2.5 MOA red dot reticle. It includes a motion sensor technology for extended battery life, and its rugged construction ensures reliability in various shooting conditions.
  3. Aimpoint ACRO P-1: The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 is designed to withstand the recoil of handguns and offers a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle. It features a fully enclosed design for durability, as well as an impressive battery life. The sight is also designed to provide a clear and wide field of view.
  1. Burris FastFire 3: The Burris FastFire 3 is a compact and lightweight option with a 3 MOA red dot reticle. It features a top-mounted battery for easy access, durable aluminum housing, and adjustable brightness settings. The FastFire 3 is known for its quick target acquisition.
  2. SIG Sauer ROMEOZero: The SIG Sauer ROMEOZero is a sleek and low-profile red dot sight with a 3 MOA red dot reticle. It offers MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) technology for extended battery life and automatic activation. The ROMEOZero is designed for easy installation and boasts a robust build.
  3. JP Enterprises Point Micro Reflex: The JP Enterprises Point Micro Reflex is a compact and lightweight red dot sight designed for quick target acquisition. It features a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle, providing a balance between precision and rapid target engagement. The sight has a robust housing and high-quality lenses. With user-friendly controls and a clear field of view, the JP Enterprises Point Micro Reflex is a reliable choice for enhancing the performance of the Hellcat 9mm pistol.


After exhaustive testing, it’s evident that an appropriate red dot can significantly improve your shooting efficiency with the Hellcat 9mm. Each optic accessory brings a set of unique attributes to the table, making it critical to consider your shooting style and needs.

My personal favorite Hellcat sights are the Hex WASP due to its straightforward operation and the Holosun 507K X2 due to its innovative features.

Bear in mind that factors like toughness, compatibility with your firearm, reticle size, and battery longevity are paramount. Whether you’re an experienced marksman or a beginner, my detailed review will hopefully assist you in pinpointing the ideal red dot that aligns with your Hellcat 9mm.

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