Trijicon RMRcc Review: Red Dot Reflex Sight Hand Tested

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After extensive research and testing, one optic has stood out as an ideal fit for my concealed carry needs – the Trijicon RMRcc. Trijicon has long been a leader in the optics industry, with their Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) becoming the gold standard for miniature red dot sights. The RMRcc is their latest iteration, designed from the ground up for concealed carry pistols.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the RMRcc’s features, performance, and usability. I’ll also compare it head-to-head against similar offerings from Holosun, SIG, and other key players in the pistol-mounted optics market. Read on for the full scoop on whether the Trijicon RMRcc micro red dot is the right choice for your everyday carry setup.

Unveiling the Trijicon RMRcc: Detailed Features and Technical Specs

a closeup of Trijicon RMRcc

The Trijicon RMRcc packs an impressive array of features into its compact frame. Constructed from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, it’s built like a tank to withstand daily carry and real-world use. Here are the standout capabilities setting the RMRcc apart:

Optical Features

Magnification        1X
Reticle              3.25- or 6.5-MOA red dot
Eye Relief            Unlimited

Physical & Material Specifications

Category         Specification
Length                1.8 inches
Width                .95 inch
Height                .97 inch
Weight                1 ounce
Housing Material      7075 aluminum

Power & Illumination

Battery              CR2032
Battery Life          Approx. 4-year life (on setting 4 of 8)
Brightness Settings  8 adjustable settings; Auto-Brightness and Lock-In modes

Adjustment & Accuracy

Adjustability        150 MOA travel in 3-MOA clicks

Durability & Environmental Resistance

Category    Specification
Water Resistance      Up to 20 meters

Additional Information

Accessories Included  Torx screws and wrench, seal plate, case, manual

Multi-Brightness LED Illumination

The RMRcc uses an LED powered by a single common CR2032 battery. It offers 8 manual brightness settings plus 1 automatic mode to accommodate various lighting conditions. Settings 1 and 2 are night vision compatible.

Battery Life

Trijicon states the RMRcc’s battery should last over 4 years of continuous operation at setting 4. Auto-off after 5 minutes without movement helps preserve juice.

Lenses and Optics

The lenses use high-quality, impact and scratch resistant glass. Trijicon applies advanced coatings for maximum light transmission and optical clarity.

Waterproof Construction

Sealed optics and an O-ring gasket make the RMRcc waterproof up to 20 meters deep. No worries about getting this optic wet in the rain or humidity.

Manual Windage and Elevation Adjustments

The RMRcc offers audible click adjustments for windage and elevation. Each click shifts point of impact by 3 MOA (about 1 inch at 25 yards).

Reticle Options

My RMRcc came with the 3.25 MOA dot reticle. A 6.5 MOA dot model is also available. The smaller dot aids precision while the larger dot quickens target acquisition.

Lightweight Construction

Despite its robust build, the RMRcc tips the scales at just 1 ounce including its CR2032 battery. It adds minimal bulk to everyday carry pistols.


1.47 x 0.9 x 0.87 inches (Length x Width x Height)

This purpose-designed micro optic from Trijicon checks all the boxes I want for concealed carry. Next I put it through extensive live fire testing to gauge real world performance.

Performance Analysis: Accuracy, Precision, and Versatility of the Trijicon RMRcc

a closeup of Trijicon RMRcc

To fully evaluate capabilities, I mounted the Trijicon RMRcc on diverse concealed carry pistols for testing. After a few range sessions adjusting to the optic, it proved its mettle across applications:

Accuracy and Precision

  • Right from first shots, the RMRcc tightened groups noticeably compared to iron sights alone. The precisely regulated dot stays centered regardless of recoil.
  • Even during rapid fire strings, I was able to achieve solid hits on target transitioning between multiple silhouettes.
  • The dot remains crisp and easy to pick up quickly from the draw and in low light conditions.


  • Though designed for subcompacts, the RMRcc performed well during testing on compact, mid and full-size pistols including Glocks, SIG Sauers, S&W M&P, and Springfield Armory.
  • The rugged aluminum housing shrugged off .45 ACP and 9mm recoil without losing zero.
  • Clear glass and adjustable dot brightness settings make the RMRcc equally at home on the range, in competitions, and defense use.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the consistent accuracy and versatility the RMRcc delivers in real-world firing. Next I’ll cover my firsthand experiences getting it up and running.

User Experience: Handling and Operating the Trijicon RMRcc

For any sight to be effective, it needs to be intuitive and easy to operate, especially in high stress situations. Here’s how the RMRcc stacks up in terms of installation, controls, and daily use:

Mounting the RMRcc

  • Trijicon supplies mounting plates for popular concealed carry pistols allowing drop-in installation. Just be sure to use shorter screws to avoid clearance issues.
  • The documentation provides clear guidance on using loc-tite and torquing the screws properly to avoid shifting.
  • Some users online report inconsistent fit depending on the pistol. But mounting on my Glock 48 MOS and Springfield Hellcat OSP went smoothly.


  • The brightness buttons are easy to manipulate even with gloves on. I set the auto mode for general use.
  • Windage and elevation turrets provide crisp, audible clicks when making adjustments. Each click shifts point of impact precisely.

Daily Carry Experience

  • Drawing from concealment, the RMRcc comes on quickly with no delay thanks to the auto-brightness mode.
  • Despite everyday bumps and scrapes, the optic remains securely mounted and holds zero.
  • With minimal added size and weight, I often forget I have the RMRcc installed until raising the pistol and seeing the bright dot.

The RMRcc proves fast and intuitive to run in daily concealed carry. Next I’ll cover mounting and compatibility insights.

Mounting Solutions and Compatibility for the Trijicon RMRcc

A key factor for any concealed carry optic is fitting common pistols already in service without excessive gunsmithing. Here is how the RMRcc stacks up:

Included Hardware

  • Trijicon provides adapter plates for direct mounting on popular pistols and handguns including:
    • Glock 43X & 48 MOS
    • SIG P365 XL
    • Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus
    • Springfield Hellcat OSP

Expanding Compatibility

  • Trijicon and aftermarket companies offer additional plates for older Glocks, SIG P320s, and other micro pistols.
  • Users report the RMRcc can also attach directly to accessory rails using a low-mount ring. This adds huge versatility.

Installation Best Practices

  • Always use manufacturer provided screws and loc-tite to avoid shifting under recoil.
  • After install, confirm proper clearance and functioning of slide and components.
  • Reconfirm zero at the range post-install before trusting it for carry duty.

The RMRcc proves widely compatible with concealed carry pistols once you source the proper mounting plate. Just take care to install correctly. Next I’ll cover maintaining your investment long-term.

Maintaining the Trijicon RMRcc: Longevity, Battery Life, and Care

a closeup of Trijicon RMRcc

To ensure your RMRcc serves reliably for years, incorporating minor preventative maintenance is recommended:

Preventative Maintenance

  • Wipe down the exterior after range sessions to remove any oil or debris
  • Inspect for signs of damage after drops or hard use
  • Verify screws remain properly torqued

Battery Management

  • While rated for 4+ years of runtime, I replace the battery annually for peace of mind
  • Always use branded batteries from Duracell or Panasonic – no cheap generics
  • Enable auto-off mode when not in use to conserve battery life

Lens Care

  • Use the included cloth or microfiber to clean lenses after use
  • Avoid using cleaning chemicals – just wipe gently with water

With periodic inspection, battery replacement, and cleaning, expect many years of reliable performance out of the robust Trijicon RMRcc.

Comparative Review: Trijicon RMRcc vs. Competitors

The RMRcc enters a crowded market of micro red dots seeking everyday carry dominance. Here’s how Trijicon’s latest stacks up to chief competitors:

Holosun 507k

  • More economical option but materials and coatings a notch below the RMRcc
  • Widely praised 507k glass clarity but blue tint is noticeable beside the Trijicon
  • Shake awake and solar backup features are valued additions

SIG Romeo Zero

  • Budget-friendly price but rated for 20,000 hours vs 70,000 for the RMRcc
  • Lightweight yet exhibits more play when mounted
  • Fewer manual brightness settings

Shield RMSc

  • Proven optic but uses cheaper polymer lens versus glass
  • Larger diameter than the RMRcc with more bulk
  • Smaller company with less extensive mil-spec testing

The Trijicon RMRcc holds its own against well-regarded rivals. Testers and users consistently cite its blend of low weight, battle-proven ruggedness, generous feature set, and mount flexibility as primary advantages justifying its premium price.

Trijicon RMRcc: Personalized Recommendations

With any gear choice, aligning features to your needs and shooting style is crucial. Here are my personalized optic recommendations tailored to different users:

New Concealed Carriers

The RMRcc is easy to learn on. But more economical options with comparable performance may better suit beginning budgets. Consider the Holosun 507k.

Everyday Civilian Carry

For dependableoptic without breaking the bank, the RMRcc checks all boxes. It tackles daily carry needs without failure based on my testing.

Competitive Shooters

Seeking every performance advantage? The RMRcc’s proven precision and sight clarity shave seconds off draws and target transitions.

Law Enforcement/Military

Battlefield-grade toughness and years of service record Trijicon optics as trusted duty gear. RMRcc maintains that legacy in micro package.

The Trijicon RMRcc adapts well to diverse users. But carefully weigh your needs before choosing any optics path.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trijicon RMRcc

To help with your purchase decision, here are some commonly asked questions:

Does the RMRcc fit the RMSc footprint?

No, the RMRcc uses a different mounting footprint from the Shield RMSc. Confirm proper plates are available before purchasing.

What brightness setting is best for everyday carry?

I suggest auto-mode to automatically adjust dot intensity based on ambient lighting. Also consider your environment choosing between lower 1-3 and brighter 4-8 values.

Any issues with the RMRcc losing zero?

The RMRcc maintains excellent return to zero in testing even under heavy recoil, thanks to quality components and rugged 7075 housing. Just be sure to torque screws properly during install.

How does the RMRcc compare to the bigger RMR?

The RMRcc matches its bigger brother’s performance in a slimmer, more concealable package. The main tradeoffs are shorter battery life and a higher price tag than full-size.

What separate screws or tools are needed for install?

Trijicon supplies the proper screws in most cases. A 2mm hex wrench and small hammer may be needed fitting aftermarket mounting plates.

Final Verdict: Who Should Buy the Trijicon RMRcc?

If you’re looking for a rugged, reliable micro red dot sight purpose-built for concealed carry, the Trijicon RMRcc deserves strong consideration.

During my testing, it lived up to Trijicon’s hard-earned reputation for combat-grade optics. The materials, coatings, and electronics proved on par with far more expensive full-size RMR models. Attention to detail like seal integrity and regulated illumination demonstrate deep manufacturing experience.

Of course, that quality comes at a steep price – expect to spend $500+ for the RMRcc optic alone. Make sure you have a mounting solution and consider upgrade costs for your chosen pistol platform too.

For many civilian concealed carriers, the Holosun 507k likely represents a better balance of cost and capabilities. But professionals and those highly active in shooting sports will appreciate the RMRcc’s advantages.

After hundreds of rounds on everyday carry pistols, I rate the RMRcc a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. The vast feature set, ruggedness, and mounting flexibility warrant a spot on any shortlist. Just be sure your needs justify the premium price.

The Trijicon RMRcc micro red dot sight delivers next-level performance daily concealed carriers demand. Thanks for reading – hopefully this comprehensive review helps inform your purchasing decision!

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