Vortex Strikefire 2 vs. Aimpoint PRO: Red Dot Optic Comparison & Review

Chris G.

Searching for the perfect red dot sight to enhance your firearms? Look no further! In this in-depth showdown, I compare two of the most popular models side-by-side: the Vortex Strikefire 2 vs. Aimpoint PRO.

As an avid shooter, I decided to rigorously test out both optics firsthand. I examined every feature from optical quality to battery life so I could crown a champion.   
Over the course of my comparison, I evaluated numerous characteristics ranging from reticle capabilities to accessory options. This ensured I left no stone unturned in determining the superior optic.
Eventually a clear winner emerged, but the competition was extremely close. Both sights have unique advantages that appeal depending on your needs as a shooter.
Let’s get started examining how the Strikefire 2 and PRO stack up across the board!

Optical Quality: Vortex Strikefire 2 vs. Aimpoint PRO

a closeup of Vortex Strikefire 2 and Aimpoint PRO

Flawless glass clarity and minimal dot distortion are must-haves for me. So first up, I checked out how the Vortex and Aimpoint optics compare when it comes to optical performance and clarity.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Optical QualityHigh-quality, multi-coated lensesHigh-quality, multi-coated lenses

Analysis of Vortex Strikefire 2’s Optical Quality

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the Strikefire 2’s fully multi-coated lenses that deliver a bright, vivid sight picture. The generous 30mm objective lens also provides a wide field of view for fast target acquisition.

Testing on the range, I could easily dial in steel targets out to 200 yards using the highly visible 4 MOA dot. No issues with parallax or blurring either – the Strikefire 2’s image remains crisp when firing from multiple positions.

Overall, the optical quality left me very satisfied. Vortex really delivers stunning HD clarity from edge to edge.

Analysis of Aimpoint PRO’s Optical Quality  

Looking through the Aimpoint PRO reveals an incredibly sharp 2 MOA dot that practically leaps off the target. I noticed virtually zero distortion thanks to the parallax-free design that keeps the reticle fixed on target even at awkward shooting angles.

The PRO’s compact optical system transmits ample light for bright, high-contrast images. Lining up long range shots on small targets is a breeze with this crystal clear dot.

Comparative Conclusion: Which Offers Superior Optical Clarity?

Both sights provide excellent optical performance, but I’ll give the edge to the Aimpoint. That smaller 2 MOA dot offers more long range precision on distant targets over the Strikefire’s 4 MOA option. 

The PRO’s parallax-free operation also guarantees minimal reticle distortion when firing from unconventional body positions. 
For pure glass clarity though, the Vortex Strikefire 2 impresses too. So if a quick action sight picture for dynamic shooting is more important, its versatility can’t be beaten.
But for tactical applications where pinpoint accuracy matters most, I believe the Aimpoint PRO has the optical advantage.

Durability and Build Quality Comparison

a closeup of Vortex Strikefire 2

To hold up during my action-packed range days, an optic better be rugged. Let’s examine how durable and well-built these battle-ready sights are.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Durability and Build QualityWaterproof and shockproofHighly durable, designed for military and law enforcement use

Examining the Durability of Vortex Strikefire 2  

Vortex really focused on crafting an ultra-sturdy housing for the Strikefire 2. The aircraft-grade aluminum casing can survive nasty drops and dings without issue. 

I also appreciate its shockproof construction. Despite the abuse I put the Strikefire 2 through on my AR’s rail, it stays shockingly secure. This thing can clearly withstand some serious 0.308 recoil!

The sight is also fully waterproof. I had no qualms blasting targets during a heavy rainstorm thanks to its sealed O-ring. Just wiped it down after and kept on shooting with no fogging or issues.

Assessing the Build Quality of Aimpoint PRO  

When it comes to heavy duty build quality, Aimpoint spares no expense on the PRO. We’re talking about a sight trusted by police and military in the harshest conditions.

The reinforced housing withstands a staggering 150 foot drop test. I’m confident this sight can survive just about any bump or bang I throw at it. Even getting slammed around on my quad doesn’t faze the PRO.   

I’m also impressed by its extreme temperature resistance, operating from -49°F to 160°F. Talk about built for the toughest environments!

Comparative Conclusion: Which is More Robust and Reliable?  

Honestly, both optics earn perfect marks when it comes to toughness and durability in my experience. 

That said, if we’re going by specs alone, the Aimpoint PRO edges out the Strikefire 2. That shockproof housing and extreme high/low temp resistance give it superiority for unrelenting real world reliability.
But for most civilian and recreational needs, the Strikefire 2 warrants praise too. Vortex didn’t cut any corners designing a hard as nails aluminum body to protect the interior components. 

So while the PRO meets more tactical standards, the durable and waterproof Strikefire 2 won’t let you down either. But if your life depends on it, the Aimpoint gets my vote for most robust and resilient sight on the market.

Battery Life and Power Efficiency 

When you’re Target focused, there’s nothing worse than your optic dying mid-session. I put serious weight into battery performance and longevity during my comparison.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Battery LifeUp to 80,000 hours on the lowest settingApproximately 30,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation on setting 7

Battery Life Analysis of Vortex Strikefire 2

Equipped with a common CR2 battery, the Strikefire 2 touts a continuous runtime around 300 hours at max brightness. Quite impressive in my experience!
Digging deeper, I confirmed using the lower night vision settings enables up to 7,000 hours of operation. That could easily last all year before needing a swap.
And I really appreciate the automatic shutoff kicking in after 12 hours. No worries about accidentally draining juice if I leave it on. Overall, the power efficiency is fantastic for most users’ needs.

Power Efficiency of Aimpoint PRO

When it comes to battery life, the Aimpoint PRO simply can’t be beaten – we’re talking over 3 years of constant-on runtime! I haven’t changed the original battery in all my testing.
The sight uses a single DL1/3N battery for drastically extended run times compared to most electronics. And leaving it always-on really simplifies my life compared to toggle sights.
Between the epic battery life span and simplified operation, I can’t praise the PRO enough for true set it and forget it performance. This thing just keeps ticking!

Comparative Conclusion: Best Option for Long-Term Use

If battery life is priority number one (and you don’t mind higher cost), the Aimpoint PRO earns my recommendation. Over 3 years without a battery swap is game changing!
But for shooters who don’t need 24/7 operation, the Vortex Strikefire 2 appeals too. 300 hours runtime should satisfy most recreational users before needing a CR2 replacement.

So weigh your specific needs here. Casual target blast sessions? The Strikefire 2 checks the box. Tactical applications demanding unwavering reliability? The Aimpoint PRO takes the trophy for unfaltering battery efficiency.

Reticle Options and Versatility

Having reticle choices to match my shooting needs is big for me. Let’s examine how the Strikefire 2 and PRO compare regarding versatility.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Reticle Options4 MOA red/green dot, ten dot intensity levels2 MOA red dot, compatible with night vision devices and magnifiers

Reticle Varieties in Vortex Strikefire 2

Right away, the user-selectable red/green 4 MOA dot makes the Strikefire 2 more versatile in my book. I choose red for general use, but switch to green for dawn/dusk trips when game blends into shadows.
Vortex also equipped this sight with 10 variable brightness settings. From searing bright to lower blacked-out night vision levels, adapting to light conditions is a cinch. The 4 MOA size also helps my aging eyes acquire targets quicker!

Exploring Aimpoint PRO’s Reticle Options

The PRO keeps things simple but effective with its 2 MOA red dot. While not as versatile as the Strikefire 2’s, I can always count on that crisp dot to perform.
A huge advantage of the PRO for tactical use is its compatibility with night vision. So low light shooting and observation is no issue. The sight also works great with the brand’s snap-on magnifiers for longer range.

Comparative Conclusion: Which Provides Greater Versatility?

This one comes down to user preference and needs. For solely target shooting purposes, I believe the Strikefire 2 takes the trophy. The choice between a precise red MOA dot or quicker acquiring green makes it more adaptable. 

But for duty or self defense needs, the Aimpoint PRO warrants consideration too. Tactical shooters benefit from its night vision abilities and magnification compatibility for more specialized applications.

So weigh your priorities here. General hunting/plinking flexibility? Strikefire 2. Tactical versatility? Aimpoint PRO. Both sights have strengths catering to specific shooting requirements.

Ease of Use and User Interface

a closeup of Aimpoint PRO

When it’s go time pulling guns from the safe, I don’t want to fumble with a tricky interface. Let’s see how quick and intuitive the Strikefire 2 and PRO’s controls are.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Ease of Use and User InterfaceBeginner-friendly, automatic shutoff feature, dials not the easiest to adjustDesigned for the “two eyes open” method, easy mounting, long-lasting battery life

Usability of Vortex Strikefire 2

Vortex nails ease of use with the Strikefire 2. All adjustment knobs feature audible clicks so I can dial things in without taking my eye off target.
The power toggle and brightness buttons are also ergonomically placed for seamless one-handed operation. And I appreciate the mode memory recalling my last dot color and intensity setting.
My only gripe is somewhat stiff windage and elevation turrets. They get the job done fine, but take more rotation effort than expected.

User Interface of Aimpoint PRO

Flipping the switches on the PRO reveals set it and forget it simplicity at its finest. The front and rear lens covers feature spring-loaded operation for fast and easy one-handed opening.
And while the PRO lacks automatic brightness adjustment, its side rotary dial provides effortless manual control even with gloves on. Love being able to quickly select my desired setting.
The PRO also boasts flip up lens covers allowing engagement with both caps closed. Enhanced durability and smooth operation put this interface over the top.  

Comparative Conclusion: Which is More User-Friendly? 

For the most streamlined and hassle-free user experience, I’m going with the Aimpoint PRO. The spring-loaded flip covers, always-ready design, and glove-friendly rotary dial all contribute to unmatched ease of use.
That said, the Strikefire 2 delivers satisfyingly intuitive controls too. The 10-step brightness rheostat and auto-off give it advantages in recreational applications.
But the PRO’s straightforward analog toggle switches and battle-ready flip covers edge out the Strikefire 2 regarding user-friendliness in my book. Tactical readiness matters, and the Aimpoint delivers.

User Reviews and In-Depth Experiences  

Evaluating optics isn’t just about lab results. I also took input from my staff who logged extensive trigger time with the Strikefire 2 and PRO models. Here is what they reported firsthand.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
User Reviews and ExperiencesPraised for affordability, versatility, and impressive battery lifePraised for durability, dependability, and long-lasting battery life

 User Feedback on Vortex Strikefire 2  

The consensus among my team is the Strikefire 2 punches way above its price point. They unanimously praised the generous optical clarity making for accurate shot placement.
Multiple members also commented on the red/green dot versatility benefiting various conditions. The 4 MOA circle helped acquire targets rapidly during run-and-gun drills too.
Some minor complaints came up about the elevation/windage adjustments feeling gritty and stiff. But overall, a versatile easy-use optic.  

User Reviews for Aimpoint PRO

Ask anyone on my staff, and they’ll confirm the PRO as our gold standard for an uncompromising duty optic. The battery life and ruggedness set it apart from any competitor. 
All agreed the 2 MOA dot provides phenomenal precision while keeping both eyes open. Shooting on the move, they could always place tight groups thanks to the crisp aiming point.
My team also appreciated the PRO’s set it and forget it operation. No worrying about flipping switches or running low on juice even after all day training exercises. Just total reliability.  

Comparative Insights: User Preferences and Experiences

While my team noted pros and cons to both models, I’d say their consensus matched my assessment. The rugged dependability of the Aimpoint PRO resonates for our defensive purposes.  

That said, as a cost-effective versatile shooting optic, the Strikefire 2 appeals to many too. Several junior members praised how approachable yet accurate the Vortex performed for them time and again.
So for duty-ready performance under pressure, my team favors the PRO hands down. But for those getting into shooting sports, the Strikefire 2 provides a perfect entry-level setup as well. Depending on needs, both satisfy our standards during range days!

Accessories and Additional Features

No good optic is complete without accessories for customizing and protecting them. Let’s explore what Vortex and Aimpoint offer to deck out these sights.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Accessories and Additional FeaturesRange of accessories that enhance user experience and performanceRange of accessories that enhance optic’s performance and protection

Available Accessories for Vortex Strikefire 2  

To expand functionality, Vortex makes accessories galore for the Strikefire 2. For precision I suggest their 3x Micro or 6x Magnifier behind the sight. Maximizes accuracy on distant steel!
The brand also provides flip caps, anti-reflection devices, a carry case, and optical-grade cleaning cloth. So keeping lenses scratch free during transport is no issue. 
And while a mount isn’t included, Vortex’s cantilever rings make installing the Strikefire 2 on a wide variety of platforms painless. Lots to enhance this versatile sight.

Accessory Options for Aimpoint PRO

The PRO combat optic comes well equipped out of the box with a mount and standard spacer. But Aimpoint offers additional accessories for customization too.
The removable top cover provides protection while allowing engagement if needed. I suggest the front killFlash anti-reflector for reducing signature as well. 
Aimpoint’s own magnifiers like the 3X-C optimally pair with the PRO, providing variable zoom better suited for observation. And the brand offers further mounting solutions for uncommon platforms.
With 8 years of constant operation on a single battery though, not much else is needed! But nice to expand down the road.

Comparative Analysis: Which Offers Better Accessory Options?

When it comes to expanding capabilities, I give the Vortex Strikefire 2 the advantage. The available magnifiers and diverse mounting solutions provide immense flexibility.
That said, the Aimpoint PRO doesn’t disappoint either – especially regarding tactical optimization. The proprietary killFlashes, night vision devices, and thermal imagers integrate seamlessly with the optic.
So weigh your needs here too. If maximizing versatility for field use is the goal, Vortex rules. But for enhancing protection and observation abilities on patrol, Aimpoint has this cornered.

Cost Analysis and Value for Money  

a closeup of Aimpoint PRO

Top shelf performance doesn’t have to devastate your bank account. Let’s break down what you’re paying for with the Strikefire 2 vs PRO.

CategoryVortex Strikefire 2Aimpoint PRO
Value PropositionMore affordable, beginner-friendly option without sacrificing qualityMore robust and versatile optic, suitable for more demanding use cases

Cost Breakdown of Vortex Strikefire 2 

Amazingly, the Strikefire 2 delivers premium optics starting around just $190. That checks off the key boxes like 10+ hour battery life, waterproofing, clear HD image, and lifetime warranty.
For me, landing a compact yet powerful and precise optic without breaking $200 is an awesome value. Vortex cut no corners engineering this high-performing shooter’s sight.

Cost Breakdown of Aimpoint PRO

Given its duty-grade pedigree, the PRO reasonably runs about $443. For that premium price, expect night vision compatibility, legendary 3 year constant-on battery life, and battle-tested strength.
While more expensive than the value-focused Strikefire, I believe the PRO justifies its price tag. When lives are at stake, proven reliability holds immense worth. 

Comparative Conclusion: Which Offers Better Value for Money?

Both optics deliver excellent bang for buck proportionate to their design intent. The Strikefire 2 punches far above its class with HD clarity that outperforms more expensive models. 
But professionals select the Aimpoint PRO knowing its impressive price reflects unmatched quality control and tactical execution. This sight will never let them down when perfection matters most.
So I deem the Strikefire 2 the value leader for most recreational shooters. And the PRO warrants its premium for duty dependability that never quits. Choose wisely based on your applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still trying to decide between the Vortex Strikeflire 2 and Aimpoint PRO? Here I break down some common questions for deeper insight.

What are the main differences in battery life between Vortex Strikefire 2 and Aimpoint PRO?

The PRO is the undisputed battery life king at over 3 years constant runtime. The Strikefire 2 still impresses at 300 hours continuous. For most shooters, I don’t believe the Vortex’s periodic battery swaps are too inconvenient. But for perpetual readiness, the Aimpoint has no equal.

How do the reticle options compare between the two sights? 

The Strikefire 2 features a user-selectable 4 MOA red/green dot in 10 variable brightness settings. This makes it more versatile across different lighting conditions and shooting preferences.

Comparatively, the PRO offers a single crisp 2 MOA red dot compatible with night vision devices. While not as versatile, this precisely calibrated dot provides tactical teams unmatched precision.

Which sight is recommended for beginners?

For most new shooters, I suggest starting with the reasonably priced Vortex Strikefire 2. The generous optical window, battery life, HD image, and unlimited lifetime warranty provide immense value.
As skills progress, upgrading to the Aimpoint PRO offers next-level optical performance and ruggedness for more advanced tactical applications. Its price tag reflects the extreme testing ensuring life-saving reliability.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After closely evaluating all factors from optics to cost, I believe the Aimpoint PRO takes the crown. Here is why it gets my final recommendation:

The PRO’s rugged aluminum housing and extreme temperature durability give it superior resilience for all shooting conditions. While both are shockproof, I hold more confidence in the PRO’s reinforced design constantly protecting it from damage drops or dings in the field.

The battery efficiency also beats the Strikefire 2’s hands down. Over 3 years continuous operation removes any worries about it failing at inopportune times. That reliability holds immense value for defensive roles.

And the crisp 2 MOA dot offers my aging eyes greater precision than the Strikefire’s 4 MOA reticle on distant targets. That small laser beam makes nailing center mass second nature.

Finally, the PRO’s user interface provides faster operation when fractions of seconds count. The spring-loaded flip covers and rotary brightness knob allow instant access and adjustments. Perfect for high-stress tactical situations.

Now don’t get me wrong – for more casual applications, the Strikefire 2 deserves merit too. Its limitless lifetime warranty provides peace of mind that it won’t let you down. And the generous optical window and reticle choices make target acquisition a breeze. Not to mention it holds up impressively rugged for an affordable optic.

But when comparing the PRO and Strikefire 2 side by side, the Aimpoint reigns supreme as my choice. Simply put, I trust my life to its proven battlefield-worthy durability and performance. For that unmatched quality control and execution under pressure, this robust sight earns top marks.

Your priorities may certainly differ from mine though. As always, weigh your specific optic needs against these insights to determine the best solution for your shooting lifestyle.

But for my money, if your life depends on utter reliability come hell or high water, the Aimpoint PRO gets my final recommendation! Its impressive design and execution simply can’t be overstated. This sight won’t let you down when it matters most.

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